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The Earth's ancient forests form some of the most diverse ecosystems known to science and are vital in regulating the world's climate. But eighty per cent of them have already been destroyed or degraded, and the remaining forests are under threat. Greenpeace is working to end illegal and destructive logging of the world's ancient forests, and to protect the rights of the indigenous peoples and species that depend on them.

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Partners in mahogany crime

Amazon at the mercy of 'gentlemen's agreements' Almost ten years ago, world leaders gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The meeting, known as the Earth Summit...
Posted by admin - 25 October, 2001 - 07:00

Protect the Amazon- Stop criminal timber imports

The Amazon rainforest is one of the biologically richest areas in the world containing more than one-third of the world's remaining ancient forests and...
Posted by admin - 2 August, 2000 - 07:00

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