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I Love the Arctic Day

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London - Trafalgar Square etc, Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom
20 April, 2013 - 11:00 - 20:30

This is your chance to show your support for the team walking and skiing right now to the North Pole, where they will meet representatives of the Arctic Council, plant the Flag for the Future, and anchor to the seafloor 4kms down the time capsule containing the names of the nearly 3 million people (to date) who wish to see the Arctic protected from pollution, over-exploitation and militarisation.

Join other Greenpeace supporters in a procession to Trafalgar Square. Dress code - Arctic! Have you just put those thermals away? Get them out again! And the snow goggles, gloves and skis! Got a polar bear costume in the wardrobe? (Don't we all?) This is the day to wear it. One procession will meet at Victoria Station, the other at London Bridge station, both at 11am. Follow this link for more details:  

And don't go home too early! As night falls Greenpeace will stage a flash-mob dance and light show spectacular, with volunteers taking part from as far afield as, well, Surrey. The venue stays secret until midday on the 20th, so check the website or your phone during the afternoon!

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