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The Great Arctic Expedition - Parade to the North (of London)

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All rights reserved. Credit: Abi Mortimer
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South London: Victoria/London Bridge to Trafalgar Square, United Kingdom
20 April, 2013 - 11:00 - 16:00

The great I Love the Arctic Day is upon us, and how better to celebrate than with a parade in tribute to the brave team currently making their icy way to the North Pole, to plant our Flag for the Future and the names of over 2 million Arctic defenders now recorded for posterity on the Arctic scroll?  

In the frozen lands of the UK, our brave team of homage-paying adventurers shall be travelling a distance only slightly less cold and treacherous - as we journey from the near-pleasant climes of South London, all the way across the river, to the frozen and dangerous heart-lands of the North.  

This is a day for costume, making a spectacle, and having a lot of fun.  


Saturday 20th April 11am 

Costumes: Arctic Explorers, Arctic animals (foxes and polar bears expected), national costumes of nations supporting the I Love The Arctic Day.

Groups participating confirmed thus far:

Sled Team One: West London (setting off from Victoria station 11am)
Richmond and Kingston 
South West London
North Kent

Sled Team Two: East London (setting off from London Bridge Station 11am) 

 The teams shall be joining up on route before crossing the river and heading to our main destination - the North. (Trafalgar Square).  

Contact: Abi (07878700345) 


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