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Bear Island, wildlife reserve under threat from Statoil.

Posted by lesswarm — 29 May 2014 at 2:43pm - Comments
Statoil action in Norway
All rights reserved. Credit: Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace
Bear Island is under threat from oil spills from Statoil in Hoop.

Bear island a unique island with animals like Polar bears and Arctic Foxes and over a million birds is under threat from Norwegian oil company Statoil as it seeks to drill close to its shoreline.

If a spill should happen it would reach the island within a week and cause untold devestation to this gem of a wildlife reserve.

Greenpeace activists have boarded the Statoil owned platform, 23 nautical miles out in international waters and are now occupying it, before it attempts to make its way to the Barents sea where it plans to drill close to Bear Island.

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This wreckless attempt to squeeze the last dregs of oil from the Actic is contrary to all scientific advice on climate change, that states that all fossil fuel must remain in the ground if we are to avoid the devastating effects of climate change, something that IS happening NOW.

Join with us in calling for the Arctic to be a world sanctuary, protected from the insatiable oil companies greed, before an oil spill wreaks untold havoc and devastation on one of our planet's most speacial regions.

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view a video of the occupation of the Statoil Rig here

Please take a moment to view a Greenpeace video about Bear Island below.





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