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''Misleading and Dangerous'' Energy Experts View Of George Osborne.

Posted by lesswarm — 12 December 2012 at 1:10pm - Comments
George Osborne Out Of Touch.

One of the worlds leading academics on energy has today described chancelor George Osborne as ''misleading and dangerous''.Professor Paul Stevens suggests that rather than consumers paying less for their gas in future, they will in fact be paying more.

George Osbornes ''dash for gas'' has also been dealt a further blow by the chief executive of Exxon Mobil who stated in March 2012 that ''the technology so successfully used in the USA (for fracking) was simply not applicable in Europe and that more reserch was needed''.

Go here for full story.

George Osborne is commiting the UK's energy policy to nothing more than a pipedream.He is wasting valuable time that is needed to bring in to the uk wide spread renewable energy to compete with other countires in Europe that have already embraced the revolution of green energy. He is risking the uk falling even further behind in the only industry that actually made a profit this year for the UK, namely renewable energy.

Added to this he is gambling on just how much his and other Conservative and liberal democrat MP's constituents will react when they have fracking companies drilling in their constituencies, will it be a case of if they allow this to happen, then those constituents may place their vote with a green party,labour or ukip rather than con/dem come the next general election?

This blind infatuation with gas and other high carbon producing energy, shows just how out of touch George Osborne and the coalition government are as a whole when it comes to reducing our ever rising global temperature, it shows a willing disregard for setting binding carbon reduction measures and most of all it shows that George Osborne does not listen to the countless number of people who have said to him that there should NOT be a ''DASH FOR GAS'' at this moment in time, this is the time we should be enbracing renewable energy to help reduce the global climate rise in temperature.

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