Christine Ottery
An estimated 30 million barrels of spilt oil each year - around six times the amount lost in Deepwater Horizon, according to a report from Greenpeace Russia. Around 10% of the spilt oil reaches the ocean through Russia's polluted rivers. 
Zachary Davies Boren
DECC report refuses to disclose social impacts of fracking so as not to “close down discussion”
Lauri Myllyvirta
Early data from China suggests coal use in the world’s largest economy may have fallen for the first time this century – and it’s not down simply to slower economic growth or a one-off boom in hydropower output.
21st Aug 2014
Christine Ottery
20th Aug 2014
Zachary Davies Boren
6th Aug 2014
Zachary Davies Boren
31st Jul 2014
Damian Kahya & Christine Ottery
28th Jul 2014
Zachary Davies Boren


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