Faiza: "The uncertainty is driving me crazy"

Posted by faiza_oulahsen — 2 October 2013 at 8:50am - Comments
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"I have no idea how this is going to end, or how long it's going to take" - Faiza Oulahsen, one of the Arctic 30

"I have no idea how this will end, how long it will take. The uncertainty is driving me crazy," writes Greenpeace campaigner Faiza Oulahsen in a letter from her cell in Murmansk, Russia. She writes about her experiences from entering the Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise until a few days ago when she along with 29 others lost their freedom to the Russian security forces. "Two months in jail is one thing, but then? What then?" 

What do the experts say?

Posted by bex — 2 October 2013 at 8:29am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
Russian security services seize the Arctic Sunrise at gunpoint

A great number of legal experts have commented on the boarding and seizure of the Greenpeace International ship Arctic Sunrise and on the piracy charges against the Arctic 30. Here is a selection:

Open thread: Call out for your ideas to help Free the Arctic 30

Posted by Nic S — 30 September 2013 at 4:23pm - Comments
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Together, we are strong.

As of yesterday, all 30 of the men and women who were aboard the Arctic Sunrise are being detained for two months in Russian jail, without charge. We must not let such blatant intimidation succeed. With the combined support of 4 million of us, who all want to see the Arctic protected, there is nothing we can’t do. Now is the time for creative action. Please add your suggestions and ideas on what we can do together to the comments below. I will read every one of them.

Arctic 30 to be held in Russian jail pending piracy investigation

Posted by Jessica Wilson — 27 September 2013 at 9:38am - Comments

Today in a court in Murmansk, Russia, the Arctic 30 were seen by six judges. No charges were laid, but all 30 are still being detained; 22 are being held for two months as Russian authorities pursue an investigation around piracy charges while eight are being held for three days awaiting a new hearing. Their names and status are below, alphabetically by nationality.

To hell and back to Save the Arctic

Posted by Camila Speziale — 18 September 2013 at 4:22pm - Comments
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This morning at 4 a.m. I hugged my fellow climbers good luck before heading out to climb Gazprom's oil platform, the Prirazlomnaya, from the Arctic Sunrise. 

Every act of peaceful rebellion adds up

Posted by Kumi Naidoo — 18 September 2013 at 2:56pm - Comments
Five activists attempted to climb the 'Prirazlomnaya,'
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
A Russian Coast guard officer is seen pointing a gun at a Greenpeace International activist.

I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning with my stomach in knots as I scrambled to check my twitter feed and email. 

Arctic uproar in London

Posted by Hannah Davey — 16 September 2013 at 4:42pm - Comments
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In a celebratory maelstrom of all that is Arctic, thousands of people yesterday took part in a mass act of creative civil disobedience. 

The globe is cooling, the newspaper biz is booming and the Great Recession was over the year it started: History explained by the Daily Mail

Posted by bens — 9 September 2013 at 5:25pm - Comments
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David Rose has penned an article in the Mail on Sunday about the Arctic sea ice, and it’s buzzing around the denial-o-sphere like a bumble bee on crystal meth. The thrust of his piece is that the ice is more abundant this summer than the record low of last year (as the vast majority of scientists predicted) and that climate change can therefore be declared bogus.

Building the world's largest polar bear - Part Four

Posted by Chris Kelly — 9 September 2013 at 11:38am - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: © Kristian Buus

As designer and creative director on Aurora I have seen her grow from my initial rough sketch in to a fantastical giant. Working on such a unique project allows for great freedom in designing and creating.

Building the world's largest polar bear part 3

Posted by Lucien Mansell — 5 September 2013 at 4:34pm - Comments
All rights reserved. Credit: © Lucien Mansell
Lucien and Aurora

Lucien is the director at Factory Settings, a scenic construction company, based in East London.

For us at Factory Settings, constructing strange imaginings is our stock-in-trade. Unfortunately, most of the more outlandish enquiries never get to the production stage. It's an all-too familiar conversation these days when we get a call, for example, asking "Can you make us several dinosaurs to be installed around London?"  

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