Getting Tough On Palm Oil

Posted by Richard — 27 June 2016 at 2:55pm - Comments

Indonesia's forests and peatlands help regulate the global climate and contain a diversity of life. They are home to some magnificent species, including elephants, orangutans and tigers. Thankfully, pressure from all of us has secured commitments from some of the world's biggest brands to do all they can to protect them.

Behind The Lens

Posted by MeenaRajput — 31 May 2016 at 2:44pm - Comments

Photographer, Will Rose, joined Greenpeace activists on an expedition to the Indian Ocean to remove dozens of destructive Fish Aggregating Devices. These FADs kill endangered marine life including sharks and turtles, but despite this, leading tuna brands John West and Thai Union continue to use them. Since our campaign launched, Tesco and Waitrose have threatened to remove John West from their shelves unless they clean up their act. 

Owen Paterson accuses Greenpeace of witchcraft

Posted by Graham Thompson — 6 March 2015 at 6:39pm - Comments
by-nc-sa. Credit: Ben Stewart/Greenpeace
Where does he get his information from?

Owen Paterson MP, former Environment Secretary, climate sceptic and committed scourge of the ‘Green Blob’, is in South Africa promoting GM crops. Greenpeace has seen a press release issued on his behalf by a GM lobbyist, in which the following passage appears –

He castigated the fearmongering activities of Greenpeace, the anti-GMO activists… "Do Greenpeace supporters understand that they are truly wicked? It is eco-terrorism. It is witchcraft,” he emphasised.

Eco-terrorism and witchcraft. Crikey.

Patents on life are dangerous, but we do not oppose embryonic stem cell research

Posted by Emily Williams — 17 October 2014 at 3:25pm - Comments

Following recent media coverage, we would like to clarify our stance on stem cell research.

Firstly, I want to be absolutely clear that we are not against stem cell research.

We champion environmentally responsible and socially just solutions, including scientific and technical innovation. Here's an explanation on why we challenge 'patents on life'. 

Gazprom's emergency ships take a break from “permanent” duty

Posted by Nic S — 18 November 2013 at 7:11pm - Comments
Thanks for the image, Gazprom.
All rights reserved. Credit: Gazprom

Gazprom, the Russian oil company that claimed the Arctic 30 carried something “resembling a bomb”, are not famous for safety. However, their news site claims that they have implemented “permanent” emergency vessels to deal with an Arctic disaster:

We need 30 Twitter millionaires to #FreeTheArctic30

Posted by jamess — 2 October 2013 at 11:40am - Comments

Our friends are being charged with hooliganism for standing up to Gazprom. It’s an incredibly serious charge and carries a maximum sentence of 7 years in a Russian jail. Please tweet these people with millions of followers to help #FreeTheArctic30.

Arctic in London with amazing 3D projection ft. Jason Mraz and Ezra Miller

Posted by Nic S — 25 April 2013 at 5:12pm - Comments

Last Saturday, the Arctic arrived in the UK. The I ♥ Arctic global day of action saw more than 10,000 of us around the world, in more than 280 cities, come together in a declaration of love for the Arctic. The day culminated in a massive effort from amazing volunteers and donated equipment, in the production of the biggest Arctic landscape the streets of London have ever seen - testament to the collective creativity of passionate people.

The Good The Bad and The Queen gig

Posted by petespeller — 4 October 2011 at 12:00pm - Comments
The Good The Bad and The Queen
All rights reserved. Credit: Pennie Smith
The Good The Bad and The Queen

We’ve got some really exciting news for you, Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, Paul Simonon and Simon Tong will come together for a special one-off The Good, The Bad and The Queen gig celebrating 40 years of Greenpeace and the arrival of the new Rainbow Warrior III in London.

From Chinese Young Pioneer to Greenpeace activist: the story of Tom Wang

Posted by Tom Wang — 28 September 2011 at 10:09am - Comments
Tom Wang, Communications Director of Greenpeace East Asia
All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace
Tom Wang, Communications Director of Greenpeace East Asia

My name is Tom Wang. Tom is my English name. I gave it to myself when I was learning English from my British teacher. She couldn't pronounce my Chinese name, Xiaojun. Xiaojun means "a soldier born at dawn".

40 years of Inspiring Action

Posted by tracy.frauzel — 15 September 2011 at 9:30am - Comments
Kumi Naidoo on the way to the Leiv Eiriksson
All rights reserved. Credit: Jiri Rezac / Greenpeace
Kumi Naidoo on route to Cairn's oil rig drilling in the Arctic earlier this year.

Believe it or not, Greenpeace celebrates its 40 birthday today! To mark the occasion, Kumi Naidoo, our International Executive Director, calls on us all to take inspiration from that first Greenpeace voyage, and to demand a better future for our planet.

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