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Weekly Green Web: get a £77,000 job. Or a T-shirt.

Posted by bex — 18 April 2008 at 4:25pm - Comments

Stepping into Jamie's shoes this week, here's a quick round up of tasty green stuff we've seen on the web:

  • Coal is so clean and fresh that Gordon Brown brushes his teeth with it. He really does. There's a picture to prove it.
  • More greenback than green is Dan Tague's wonderful origami activism (if you really like it, check the full gallery).
  • Finally, your chance to green up the aviation industry: BAA is looking for two Heads of Corporate Responsibility, and Plane Stupid is inviting its supporters to apply. You may as well - if you get the job, you'll earn up to £77,000. If you don't, you could still win a Plane Stupid T-shirt...

Weekly green web: nautical nuggets

Posted by jamie — 28 March 2008 at 2:51pm - Comments

There's very much a nautical theme in this week's selection of cool green stuff:

  • Beware, Japan, of Whalezilla who threatens to devour your cities unless the few people who actually are eating whale meat cease and desist.
  • A series of stunning posters from Sharkproject reminds us that we are more of a danger to sharks than they are to us.
  • 'Troubled' singer Amy Winehouse will be performing in a Rotterdam club powered by the movers and shakers on the dancefloor. (What do you mean, 'that's not nautical'? Rotterdam's a port, isn't it?)
  • It's not quite swimming with dolphins, but Dolphin Olympics 2 is the next best thing. Do a triple back flip and I'll be impressed.

Weekly green web: the art of waste

Posted by jamie — 7 March 2008 at 3:42pm - Comments

Awesomeness on the web this week includes:

  • Mashing statistics and art is Seattle-based Chris Jordan, who has produced these amazing and profoundly depressing visualisations of the resources we use and the waste we produce.
  • Cycling can be bad for your health in a spontaneous combustion kind of way.
  • John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, wants to sue Al Gore for fraud over climate change.
  • Two absurdly healthy outward bound types are about to begin walking the entire length of the Amazon river (the first people to do so, appearently) to document "the different experiences and opinions of the people that live and work in the Amazon rainforest", as well as raising awareness about climate change.
  • A slideshow of stunning images from the new book, Fragile Earth, was the Guardian's most popular web page for a couple of days this week.

Weekly green web: get 'em while they're young

Posted by jamie — 29 February 2008 at 1:34pm - Comments

Playmobil's airport security set

Curios and bizarros currently floating around in hyperspace:

  • Heathrow activists beware. Playmobil have turned their cute claw-handed plastic toys to the defence of the realm with an airport security kit, including x-ray machine, walk-through metal detector and handheld sweepy gizmo. (From Foreign Policy.)

Weekly green web: down Ambridge way

Posted by jamie — 22 February 2008 at 3:54pm - Comments

The week's best green stuff on the web, just in time for your afternoon tea and cake break:

  • As the anaerobic digester plotline gathers pace on The Archers, the BBC website provides a handy guide for biogas fans.
  • Oh, and in last week's web poll on The Archers website, 75.1 per cent said yes, Ruth and David were wise to be involved with the anaerobic digester. (That's everything from Ambridge, I promise. For now, at least.)
  • But more from the BBC: World on the Move employs Google Maps in a rather funky way to track great animal migrations across the globe.
  • Climate change is now a fashion as well as an environmental phenomenon because, look, Diesel have a new campaign with the tagline 'Global warming ready'. And here's the video. Tongue-in-cheek or dispicable trivialisation? Discuss. (Thanks again to Osocio for the tip.)
  • And a plug for Action Aid's excellent Who Pays? campaign, getting regulations to make sure supermarkets don't exploit workers in developing countries. Watch mine and then make your own.
  • Finally, the real answer to global warming.

Weekly green web: lampooning the harpooners

Posted by jamie — 15 February 2008 at 3:03pm - Comments



Interesting, exciting and downright odd things doing the rounds on the web this week:

  • Harpooned (subtitled Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator) is the best game I've played in a long time. With tongue firmly in cheek, your hunting vessel speeds through the Southern Ocean, collecting whale meat for scientific study but watch those pesky protesters and TV news crews! (Thanks, Osocio - I laughed like a drain.)
  • A nightclub in San Francisco has been going green for several years, and has plans for a piezoelectric dance floor that converts the conga into current.
  • Speaking of clubs, the world's first vegan strip joint has opened in (where else?) the States.
  • 'Go unscrew yourself' demands Unscrew America, a violently happy website doing its bit on the light bulb front with a user experience that's like a Yellow Submarine flashback.

Weekly green web: stuff, stuff and more stuff

Posted by jamie — 8 February 2008 at 5:13pm - Comments

If you're looking for some web-based wonders to inform, entertain or inspire, here's what's caught our collective eyes recently:

  • The Story of Stuff has been doing the rounds since before Christmas but Annie Leonard's occasionally breathless but totally brilliant film about resources, consumption and consumerism is worth mentioning again.According to Annie, natural resources in the developing world are seen as "our stuff that got on somebody else's land".
  • Another oldie-but-goodie is Breathing Earth, a global map that shows when someone is either born or dies, plus the CO2 emissions from each country. In real time. Be afraid, be very afraid.
  • It looks like video, but apparently this evocative climate change film is composed entirely of still images by Toronto Star photographer Lucas Oleniuk
  • So popular they had to get bigger servers, this video shows what happened when 200-plus people stopped moving in New York's Grand Central Station. It's not really green but it's really cool.

Weekly green web: shiny crops and crematoriums

Posted by jamie — 1 February 2008 at 12:36pm - Comments

It's Friday: time to slow down a bit and do a bit of surfing. There's plenty of green stuff out there on the web to compete with the best time-wasting games, videos and sites (aah, dancing hamsters - remember those?). There are also the bizarre stories that have me shaking my head in wonder and disbelief, those plans to save the planet that you know will never work. Or maybe they just might...

This is the start of a (hopefully) weekly blog* to publicise the best of the weird and wonderful stuff that clutters up our inboxes. We're open to suggestions, so drop us a line.

(* although we reserve the right to skip a week if we're pushed for time.)

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