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Screenshot of cartoon characters joyfully protesting, taken from the Monster animation Education resource

Monster animation: education resource packs

Download these engaging resources for schools and youth groups which build on Greenpeace's Monster animation. Aimed at 7-14 year olds, the resources help young people to understand the link between industrial meat and deforestation and offer a range of inspiring activities to help save the forests!

Train approaching the camera with motion-blurred background Political briefing

Briefing: Transforming public transport in a green recovery

To build a resilient future, connect left-behind communities and create thousands of jobs, the government should provide at least £10bn a year additional public investment in low carbon transport infrastructure across the UK and reallocate the funds earmarked for new road building under the £27bn road investment strategy in England.


Offshore: oil and gas workers’ views on industry conditions and the energy transition

This report shares the testimonies of workers in the industry and their perspectives and priorities in the looming energy transition. The survey results show that morale is low amongst the workforce, who feel they are bearing the brunt of an industry in decline. But these workers are willing to retrain and move to new sectors. They want secure and well-paid work that makes use of their skills and experience.

A map showing part of the North Sea, with Dogger Bank highlighted. An overlay shows the movements of a fishing vessel, and highlights where it switched off its AIS tracking system. Report

AIS dark bottom trawling in the Dogger Bank

This report documents Greenpeace's investigation of destructive fishing practices within an area which is supposed to be legally protected. Greenpeace investigators also discovered widespread illegal fishing activity in the protected area.