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Why social justice is key to a green recovery

Politicians and activists around the world have been talking about a green economic recovery from coronavirus. It’s easy to think that this is just about making the economy more climate-friendly, but social justice is a key part of it too. Here’s why.


7 reasons why meat is bad for the environment

From climate change to forest fires to human rights abuses, the global industrial meat industry leaves a trail of destruction all over the world. Millions of people's lives depend on a dramatic reduction in the consumption of meat and dairy. And it’s not just red meat that’s the problem.


Greenpeace UK’s commitment to tackling systemic racism

As an organisation and as individuals, we at Greenpeace UK are committed to dismantling systemic racism, creating a community of allies and empowering people of colour. Today we’re making four commitments to improve the way we work on these issues.


Why Greenpeace supports local fishing

Millions of people across the world rely on fishing for their food and livelihood, but – like other food systems – it can work better for both people and the planet. Here’s why environmentalists should support sustainable, small-scale fishers in the UK.


Climate change affects rich and poor unequally. Climate justice redresses the balance

Climate change is already harming peoples’ lives, but those effects are not being felt equally around the world. People in poorer countries and communities are facing the brunt of the crisis. Climate justice means balancing the scales, repairing the damage to these people’s lives but also holding those most responsible for the climate crisis to account.


Rainbow warriors: how queer movements can inspire climate activists

As LGBTQ+ history month draws to a close, we celebrate three queer movements that fought David-and-Goliath battles – and won. It’s more important than ever for environmentalists to learn from these phenomenal activists as we continue to fight against the climate emergency.