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Activists dressed in green boiler suits mop the floor outside Luxembourg’s pension fund. They place yellow hazard A-board floor signs nearby that read “Caution green wash” with a symbol of someone slipping over. Blog

Greenwash: what it is and how not to fall for it

With more of us taking steps to protect the planet, some companies would rather play pretend. Greenwashing lets them boost their sales and public image but continue using environmentally-harmful practices.

Aerial view of Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior, on the water at sunset. Between the sails is a large banner reading "Stop Failing Us". Hills can be seen in the background. Blog

2022: nothing changes without you

The victories and power of this movement show us that together we can be unstoppable. And now, more than ever, we all need to bring all our energy, courage and creativity to this fight.

Photo montage showing cutout photos of dozens of people who've been involved with Greenpeace in 2021. Youth activists holding signs, offshore workers in hart hats, artists in ocean-themed costumes, and investigators in masks can all be seen. Blog

What people really think about Greenpeace

Tens of thousands of you took part in our annual supporter survey. Here’s a roundup of the things that matter most to the people who make Greenpeace what it is.

Realistic computer rendering shows an aerial view of ornate municipal buildings dwarfed by a gigantic pile of plastic waste. A red London bus drives down the road in the foreground. Blog

2021: the year in pictures

2021 has been another tough year, full of uncertainties. But a green and peaceful future is possible, and together we kept up the fight for a better world. As always, these powerful campaigns produced some incredible images. Here’s a selection of the best, month-by-month.

Screenshot from the TV show Succession. Main characters Tom and Greg stand face-to-face in a plush corporate lounge. The subtitle reads "You're going to sue Greenpeace?" Blog

So, you want to sue Greenpeace…

Inspired by Succession? Whether or not there's a cousin Greg in your life, here's how you can follow in Uncle Ewan's footsteps and remember Greenpeace in your Will - or just chip in a few pounds today.