BREAKING: Greenpeace activist climbs on top of Conservative election campaign bus


BREAKING: Greenpeace activist climbs on top of Conservative election campaign bus
Activist unfurls ‘Clean Power Not Paddy Power’ banner warning voters not to back the wrong horse

Pictures and videos of the protest are available here shortly.

Earlier this afternoon, a Greenpeace UK activist climbed onto the top of the Conservative party election campaign ‘battle bus’ using a telescopic ladder as it was parked in an industrial estate near Ollerton, in Nottinghamshire, during the Conservative’s election campaign trail. The activist unfurled a handheld banner reading ‘Clean Power Not Paddy Power’, in reference to the Conservative election date betting scandal.

Greenpeace is protesting against the Conservative party’s persistent failure to tackle the climate and nature crises while in government [1], which was repeated in their election manifesto.

An analysis of political party election manifestos, published this week by Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth, put the Conservatives rock bottom, scoring just 5 points out of a possible 40 for its plans for climate and nature – four times worse than Labour’s plans.

The Conservatives’ divisive manifesto doubles down on trying to make climate and nature a wedge issue by committing to licence new fossil fuels on an annual basis, ban measures to clean up toxic air, and spark a bonfire of ‘red tape’ when it comes to protecting the environment.

The campaigners are urging the British public to use the upcoming general election to vote for a government that will bring in policies that would deliver clean energy, lower bills, more energy security, and economic prosperity.

Amy Rugg-Easey, the Greenpeace activist who climbed onto the roof of the bus, said:

“We’ve had enough of this government lurching from one scandal to the next, while gambling with our future. We need clean power, not Paddy Power.

“Fourteen years of Conservative governments has left this country broken. Sunak has gone backwards on climate action, ditching key pledges and promising to ‘max out’ the climate-wrecking oil and gas that are the cause of the cost of living crisis and our unaffordable bills. Our rivers are awash with sewage, and our economy, NHS and public services are on their knees.

“Enough is enough. We’ve climbed onto Sunak’s battle bus today to remind the British public that it is the Conservative government’s consistent failure to deliver greener, fairer policies that has created the mess we’re in. Don’t back the wrong horse – a vote for the climate is a vote for a better future.”

Some ambitious commitments have been made by Conservative leaders during the party’s fourteen years in power – such as Theresa May’s net zero legislation, Boris Johnson’s 2030 target to reduce emissions by at least 68%, and leadership on global ocean protection.

However, Greenpeace UK highlights that thanks to a mixture of poor leadership, divisive and cynical climate politics, and corporate capture by polluting industries, most promises made are not being delivered. [1]

Earlier this month, the Conservative government was defeated in the High Court for not doing enough to meet its targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. This followed a suite of climate rollbacks by Rishi Sunak last year, including delaying the phase-out date for polluting vehicles and new gas boilers – policies that are key to cutting emissions from high-polluting sectors.

A Greenpeace analysis published earlier this year highlighted how, on average, 58 people have died every single day during winter due to cold homes, since the Conservative government drastically cut support for home insulation measures in 2013.

Going against the advice of its own independent climate advisors, the world’s leading scientists, and the UN Secretary General, Rishi Sunak’s government has continued its pursuit of new oil and gas, handing out over 50 new licences in the North Sea over the last 8 months alone.

The Conservative party’s manifesto majors on building new gas plants and increasing the UK’s dependence on fossil fuels, which will result in higher bills, more energy price shocks and an increase in carbon emissions. It also prioritises road-building over investing in a clean public transport system, which will hinder regional growth and job creation.


Contact: Greenpeace UK Press Office – or 020 7865 8255

Notes to editor:

Pictures and videos of the protest are available here.

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  2. Manifesto rankings: Labour’s green plans score four times higher than Tories’, but fall short on funding

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