Greenpeace UK statement on the conflict in Gaza


As the brutality and violence of the Middle East conflict continues unabated with the death of tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, Greenpeace calls for an immediate, permanent ceasefire and the release of all hostages and illegally detained civilians.

As an organisation with a founding commitment to promoting peace and the upholding of the rights and welfare of all people, we call on the UK government to do all it can to ensure respect for UK and international law, an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire, and the suspension of weapons exports to all sides as the only viable option to achieve this.

We condemn the brutal attacks conducted by Hamas in October last year and the excessive and indiscriminate attacks and killings by Israeli authorities since then and call on all parties to urgently resume peaceful negotiations towards a lasting peace built on safety, justice and equal rights .

We also call for a total end to the blockade which continues to prevent massive and urgent humanitarian aid from reaching people in the Gaza strip.The devastation and death toll of the war to date must not be compounded by an even greater toll due to starvation, disease and the devastating contamination of land and water..

In the UK we are appalled at the rise in anti-semitic and Islamophobic hatred in the past months and stand firmly with our Jewish and Muslim friends and colleagues.