In pictures: protecting our oceans from the Arctic to the Antarctic

As Greenpeace’s biggest-ever expedition from pole to pole draws to a close, here are some extraordinary pictures of the wonders of our oceans taken along the way, and the destructive human activities that threaten them.


Greenpeace’s ships the Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise have travelled from pole to pole to document, photograph and expose the many threats facing the oceans, namely climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution, oil drilling and deep sea mining. 

Later this year, UN negotiations will take place to get a Global Ocean Treaty that can help protect our oceans by enabling the creation of a network of protected ocean reserves across the planet. 

While we continue to fight for the right outcome at these meetings, here’s a reminder that our global oceans are teeming with life and vulnerable to human activity. Oceans are one of our best defences against climate change – it’s important to protect them. 


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