Labour backs pause on deep sea mining


Commenting on Labour’s announcement that its policy will be to back a precautionary pause on deep sea mining, Ariana Densham, Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, said: 

Labour’s commitment to a precautionary pause for deep sea mining is a welcome step towards stopping this industry from ever starting. They join a movement of countries, scientists and businesses which say no due to the inherent risks the deep sea mining industry poses to the marine environment. By announcing this on the first day of the ISA meeting in Jamaica, Labour’s commitment exposes how the UK government’s position is out of line with science and its own longstanding promise to protect the oceans.

“Scientific evidence published just last month shows that the area at the centre of the deep sea mining debate is absolutely teeming with undiscovered life – most of which only thrives in these fragile and undisturbed ecosystems. To ignore these warnings and forge ahead with deep sea mining would be criminal. The UK government should take note and follow Labour’s lead to confirm support for a ban or moratorium within the critical global negotiations over the next fortnight.”


Notes to editors
– Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy announced the party’s ‘precautionary pause’ policy in a speech to the British Institute of International and Comparative Law 

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