Why we just blocked Boris Johnson on his way to see the Queen

We stopped Boris Johnson's journey to visit the Queen to deliver him an urgent message about the Climate Emergency.


If you tuned in to see Boris Johnson become our latest Prime Minister, you might have seen that we interrupted him on his way to see the Queen. Because if there’s one thing that it’s worth delaying matters of state over, it’s the climate emergency we’re in. Now it’s Boris Johnson’s job to steer us to climate safety.

In the peak of our latest heatwave – the second to hit the UK in two months – we just saw Boris Johnson officially become our latest Prime Minister. We can see clearer than ever that our climate is breaking down.

It will be Boris Johnson’s job to help tackle the climate emergency that’s dangerously heating our planet and threatening the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. What happens next will be on his watch.

But this is a man whose campaign has been partly funded by a climate denier, who seems to care little about people beyond our borders (and sometimes within), and whose personal ambition seems to take priority.

His job right now is crucial. We’ve delivered our message, but will he act?

What exactly does Boris Johnson need to do?

Boris Johnson might be good at coming up with words but what we really need to see is action.

The UK has recently become the first major economy to introduce a net zero carbon target by 2050. But to make this target into policy, we’ll need a dedicated budget to fund vital infrastructure for climate and nature.

If this doesn’t happen, the government will fail to meet its net zero target and burden the next generation with a ‘planet-sized debt’. But is Boris Johnson up to the challenge?

Today we handed him our full Climate Emergency Manifesto with all 134 action points that’ll help to steer us to climate safety. Read the manifesto in full.

What's next?