Tesco’s Forest Crimes

Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket, is knowingly selling us meat and dairy linked to forest destruction in the Amazon and other regions of Brazil. Complete the actions on this page to tell Tesco to drop forest destroyers from its supply chain in order to protect forests, our health, wildlife, and the planet.

Why Tesco? Why now?

Industrial meat is the biggest driver of Brazilian deforestation: both to clear land to graze cattle and to grow crops for animal feed for billions of factory farmed animals around the world. There is a direct causation between Tesco’s behaviour and the destruction taking place in Brazil. Here are two key ways Tesco is complicit:

Vast areas of the Brazilian Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal are slashed and burned every year to make way for cattle ranches, or to grow crops like soya for animal feed that’s fed to industrially produced British chickens and pigs.
As the UK's biggest supermarket, Tesco sells more industrially produced meat than any other. Not only does it buy meat from companies owned by forest destroyers, but the soya in its meat and dairy supply chain eclipses its competitors. It’s making big profits from products linked to forest destruction.

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We’re calling on Tesco to drop forest destroyers immediately and get out of factory farming, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help to demand that Tesco put people over profits, and protect globally important biomes like the Amazon, Cerrado and Pantanal.

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