Add yourself to the wall to celebrate all we have achieved together. You can also add a message to demand climate action from governments and companies. Double click on the image to zoom in and see other supporters, click an image to flip it to see its message and explore photos of us together in action over the last 50 years!

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This mosaic of 50,000 images encapsulates everything we’ve achieved together in fifty years, and the collective action we need to take now to secure a greener, more peaceful and fairer world we all deserve. Every action counts – thank you for your time, energy and donations that make change happen.

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In pictures: Greenpeace's 50 years

For 50 years Greenpeace has been winning monumental victories around the world, and standing with communities affected by environmental damage. Here are some highlights, in pictures.


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When governments and companies threaten the natural world – Greenpeace supporters are there to confront them, and have been for 50 years.

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Find out how you can get involved and take action with Greenpeace to protect the world's oceans, forest and air, and fight climate change.

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