Diversity and inclusion

Greenpeace is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that a diverse culture brings richness to an organisation and inclusion is required to unleash the potential of diversity. Numerous staff-led groups and a diversity and inclusion group drive this agenda.


Promoting diversity is at the forefront of what Greenpeace do and our focus doesn’t stop at our staff. We are constantly striving to better diversity in all aspects of our organisation, through who we employ, the experiences we represent and the changes for which we campaign.

We are always improving our understanding on how to be more inclusive and accessible and understand that this is necessary to allow everyone to thrive.

There are many ways that we encourage and promote diversity and inclusion throughout Greenpeace UK.

  • We have a diversity and inclusion group which is made up from a range of staff. The purpose of this group is to raise awareness and promote thought and discussion around diversity and inclusion, monitor organisational progress on our diversity and inclusion strategy, and provide input for future opportunities and plans.
  • All Greenpeace employees are required to attend a course on showing respect in the workplace. We are striving to create an organisational culture that allows everyone to feel included, engaged and comfortable at work, and to contribute to the best of their ability.
  • Because of the inequity that underrepresented groups experience in our society, we have developed a programme of development opportunities for people of colour / BAME people to boost their confidence and personal empowerment, to visualise success and to fulfil their potential.
  • We have a range of staff-led groups for people to safely discuss their experiences at Greenpeace. These include groups for people of colour, self-identifying women, people who identify as LGBTQ+, and people with ongoing health conditions, disabilities and different abilities.
  • Our internship programme focuses on providing opportunities for people who are underrepresented in the industry.
  • We publish our gender pay gap information in line with our strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.