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Climate change isn't inevitable. We have the knowledge, skills and technologies to get ourselves out of this difficult situation. All over the world people have woken up to the threat, and are working to reduce the use of fossil fuels, stop rainforest destruction and get power from clean energy. Still much more needs to be done.

Campaign updates

Want to show your opposition to fracking? Get started with these materials and resources

Have you ever wanted to show your opposition to fracking by putting up a poster in your window at home? Or need some tips on explaining the risks of fracking...
Posted by Richard Casson - 25 August, 2015 - 18:51

Lancashire fracking decision is a huge victory for people power

Yesterday, something incredible happened. For the second time in just seven days, Lancashire county council said no to fracking. This was a huge win for...
Posted by Richard Casson - 30 June, 2015 - 13:22

Which MPs have spoken out against fracking? Here are a few to keep an eye on

In the run up to last month’s election, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth teamed up to launch the Frack Free Promise – a political pledge that candidates...
Posted by Anonymous - 15 June, 2015 - 12:29

Fracking: Where next after the election?

With the election out of the way, we have to assume that it won’t be long before David Cameron tries to put his foot on the accelerator to go "all out for...
Posted by Louise Hutchins... - 2 June, 2015 - 14:09

Does David Cameron's new government mean new threats or new opportunities?

What was touted as the most important election for a generation produced a result that few expected. The Conservatives have been returned to government with a...
Posted by Daniel Jones - 8 May, 2015 - 19:40
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