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Climate change isn't inevitable. We have the knowledge, skills and technologies to get ourselves out of this difficult situation. All over the world people have woken up to the threat, and are working to reduce the use of fossil fuels, stop rainforest destruction and get power from clean energy. Still much more needs to be done.

Campaign updates

Years of Living Dangerously: on a screen near you now!

If they don’t already, then this might just be the thing that finally inspires and motivates your friends and family to care about climate change.This isn’t...
Posted by Andrew Davies - 23 April, 2014 - 15:39

Six responses to your pension fund about their investment in Shell

Shell is treading on thin ice. It has already spent over $5 billion on its Arctic drilling venture, but the company has yet to produce a single drop of Arctic...
Posted by Charlie Kronick - 1 April, 2014 - 12:27

In pictures: the parasitic bond between water and coal

It’s World Water Day on Saturday and this year’s theme highlights the facts that water is needed to produce nearly all forms of energy and the demand for both...
Posted by Angela Glienicke - 19 March, 2014 - 17:55

WIN! Two free tickets to anti-fracking beer launch party

All this fracking is enough to drive someone to drink. But now it seems even that's under threat. Some breweries are becoming worried that contaminated water...
Posted by Esther Freeman - 11 March, 2014 - 12:10

Frozen Future: Shell investor briefing

Royal Dutch Shell stands at a strategic crossroads. Its response to the reserves scandal in 2004 has been a global reserves replacement hunt through a...
Posted by jamie - 25 February, 2014 - 12:09

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