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Photovoltaic solar panel

MOVE IT,(your money) from fossil fuel banks.

£66 billion that is how much money has been invested in fossil fuels by the big 5 banks in the UK. At a time when ALL fossil fuels MUST stay in the ground if...
dirty coal, climate change, pollution, fossil fuels, toxics, divestment

STOP BHP Billiton from destroying Indonesian Borneo.DIRTY COAL TOUR.

This evening (26th October) members of Greenpeace were in attendance to hear a FOE representative from Kalimantan, Indonesia, speak about the destruction...
Walrus in the Arctic

Brick by brick

By Ash.   Money makes the world go round. That clinking clanking sound. Which is why the environmental concerns that have come to eclipse any and all...

7 Inspiring stories of communities taking action for climate

7 inspiring stories of communities taking action for climate Blogpost by Helena Meresman - 17 October, 2014 at 14:00 Add comment Stories of communities...
by Cardiff


Lego have decided not to renew their partnership with Shell after 1 million people asked them to dump the oil mulinational that is responsible for human rights...

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#Ice Ride Lights Up Bristol

Saturday 4th October saw a global mobilisation of thousands of Greenpeace volunteers and supporters who took to their bikes for the 2014 Ice Ride. Over 150...

Lego seaside adventure The Lego folk take a weekend trip down to Brighton to take in the sea air and sneak into the Lego shop for a few little...

Lego Mini-protestors say LEGO DUMP SHELL

Lego mini-protestors have been out across West Dorset to tell Lego to DUMP SHELL. They explain why in this video they sent us.

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