We have volunteer groups all over the UK and around the world who support Greenpeace by campaigning locally on national and global issues; organising fundraising events, meeting with their MPs, conducting product surveys or spreading our message on social media. You don't need special skills to get involved, just enthusiasm. Join a local Greenpeace group now

If there is no local group near you, there are other ways you can get involved.

Current campaigns

Save the heart of the Amazon

The heart of the Amazon rainforest is under threat from a mega hydro-dam. Activists and local groups in the UK and around the world are campaigning to stop this. Join them!

Not Just Tuna

Local groups across the UK are campaigning to get the worst tinned tuna brands to clean up their destructive fishing practices. Why not join them? Find an event near you.

Featured Greenwire content

BP or not BP, that is the question.

A dazzling sea of singing merfolk and swashbuckling pirates wielding their swords is not quite what you'd expect on a trip to the British Museum. Find out why they were there by reading Rachel's blog

This is the way the world ends

Read about Katherine's adventures in the Arctic and the scary affects of climate change she witnessed there. "This is the way the world ends: with the snow melting to puddles, the creep of rising water levels, and the steady drip-drip of disaster."

Waiting for "The Flare Ascending"

Surely no-one would frack Leith Hill in Surrey, would they? Read Neil's blog about the fight to save it.

My trip to the Amazon

Our long-time volunteer activist Janet, is at the forest defenders camp in the Amazon right now, helping the Munduruku tribe protect their land. Read more.

Greenwire goes mobile-friendly!

We have just launched a mobile and tablet-friendly version of Greenwire, with content adapted for all screen sizes, which will make it much easier to stay connected on the go. So what are you waiting for? Get involved now!

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