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Ranks of Riot Police face down Peaceful Protestors in Hull City Centre

This weekend right in the centre of Hull, ranks of Police, fronted by some in riot gear, faced down an entirely peaceful crowd of protesters in Victoria Square...
Assembling at Vattenfall Open Mine, Lausitz, East Germany

September Meeting Notes

Very good meeting with Joe, Alan, Sally, Andrew, Ben and me.  Mainly finalising arrangements for the fundraising gig on Friday 10 October at Wharf...
by Leeds

Anti-coal human chain in Lausitz...

On the 23rd August 2014, after 23 hours journey by coach from Edinburgh (Scotland) to Lausitz (Germany), at the border with Poland. A 7500 people-long human...

Dads with itchy fingers and carrots in drainpipes

Yesterday Nottingham network were at the Gedling Show with the campaign to get Lego to break their association with Shell.  It was a great day and lots of...

Compare and Contrast

One week ago we were nearing the end of a 22-hour coach journey.  It’s a long way from the German-Polish border back to London.  A group of 65 UK...

Car Booting for the Arctic Sunrise

It was a glorious Sunday morning and some of us were up early to enjoy the sun as we joined the lines of people setting up their pitches for the Clifton Car...

Too eager to drill for Arctic Oil

Too eager to drill for Arctic oil Blogpost by Erlend Tellnes - 28 August, 2014 at 17:00Add comment Greenpeace's ship, the Esperanza, is...
by Cardiff

The Futilty of Militarism

This year marks the centenary of the First World War-' the war to end all wars' It's 100 years since the then British Empire pitted itself against Imperial...
by Cardiff

No monthly meeting in September

Hi everyone - I just wanted to let you know that there will be no monthly meeting in September. The next get-together will be on Monday 13th October at the...
Lignite mining near Jaenschwalde Germany

Human Chain Kerkwitz in Germany to Grabice in Poland

On Saturday I joined with sixty other UK supporters and 7500 others from 27 countries around Europe in a Human chain from  Kerwitz in Germany to Grabice...
Assembling at Vattenfall Open Mine, Lausitz, East Germany

The Human Chain

Last weekend Dixie, Dave and I went to Germany to take part in the Human Chain, an action to demonstrate against the irresponsible proposals to develop an open...
Take a stand against fracking - join us

Fracking obliterating house prices in the UK

Houses close to proposed fracking sites are having their valuation prices obliterated at an alarming rate. One house in Fylde, Lancashire was valued at £725,...
Assembling at Vattenfall Open Mine, Lausitz, East Germany

Mass European Gathering Of 'The Human Chain': To Protest Against Lausitz Mine Expansion

In a great show of solidarity to the people of Kerkwitz in Germany and Gabice in Poland, two historic villages threatened by the potential expansion of...
Portsmouth Greenpeace - Triathlon Fundraiser 2014

How far would you go to help the Arctic Sunrise?

This is about how far I can go to help the Arctic Sunrise!  My legs have been in pain for the last 2 weeks due to the training - I'm still swimming,...

Stopp Kohle Stop Coal

"I was born in the village of Horno" She said "and now its just a hole. We live in Neu Horno, its quite nice but its not our land ". The DDR has already dug...

Energy: The good the bad and the ugly.

Standing on the harbour at Whitstable, feeling the wind on my face, I’m optimistic that we will generate the low-carbon energy we need to avoid the catastrophe...

Ruskin Park mini-action

So, we were staging a mini-protest about the association between Shell and Lego in Ruskin Park near Kings Hospital on Denmark Hill. It was a very sunny day,...

We're Off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz

James, John, Dixie and Dave are off to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz  the open lignite mines of Lausitz this weekend in a European action against the...

Islamic Cultural Fayre

East Bristol Greenpeace were at the Islamic Cultural Fayre in Eastville Park today. This annual event was postponed from last week due to severe weather...

Lego Minifigures climb the wall over Shell partnership

Visitors to the Elder Stubbs Allotments Festival helped stage a minifigure demonstration yesterday - and some of them were climbing the wall, frustrated by the...
by Oxford
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