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Lego Minifigure Protest at Newcastle Vegan Festival

The Newcastle Greenpeace stall at the Vegan Fair was really well received and attended. Some of people came by to say they had already seen some of the e-...

VIDEO: Lego figures join Camden Greenpeace protesting against Lego's partnership with Shell

This summer the Lego community is out in force to protest against Lego's partnership with Shell and Shell's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Children...
by Camden

How Long Will We Let Them Kill Our Children While We Stand Aside And Look?

Genocide is being commited against the Palestinian people as we speak, and we are getting to see the pictures of their suffering eveyday.  Schools, homes...

We had a great Saturday morning protesting outside Three Huddersfield Garages !

We had a great morning protesting outside Three Huddersfield Garages ! Look what happened - and there was even a hater on the site!
by Leeds

Children tell Lego to Dump Shell

I am proud to say that my daughter was one of the young people involved in the activities outside the Shell offices this morning, asking Shell l to end their...

Why did the Polar Bear Cross the Road?

He didn't, because there aren't any roads in the Arctic, duh! Of course, if some of the oil companies get their way then there might be a bit more shipping...
Children building LEGO Arctic animals outside Shell HQ

Kids Save The Arctic

Congratulations to Dixie, Fred and Sid, and Jenny. They were up at Shell today to persuade Lego not to continue their business ties with Shell. Great actions...

Lego miniprotesters spotted in Dorchester

Lego miniprotesters were out agian on Sunday to tell Lego to DUMP SHELL. This follows on from their recent series of protests at landmarks around Dorset.  

Little LEGO protest at Huddersfield Shell Garages

Little LEGO protest at Huddersfield Shell Garages On July 26th, local Greenpeace campaigners staged protests at Shell petrol stations on Leeds Road and...

LEGO People make a stand in Swansea

Swansea saw more LEGO people protest against the collaboration between LEGO and Arctic wreckers Shell-For more information on how you can tell LEGO to break...
by Cardiff

Get the Shell out of Lego - part 2

Today on Sunday 27 July a disastrous oil spill happened outside Shell on Crewe Rd South in Edinburgh. Greedy oil company LEGO men fully enjoyed their dirty...
2lego Blockshell

Mini Riot Grrrls join Greenwich Greenpeace in Lego protest

A group of mini Riot Grrrls recently joined Greenwich Greenpeace to persuade Lego to ditch its new partnership with Shell. Singer Polly Propylene joined band...

Lego protestors visit Nottingham

All around the country Lego figures are protesting about Lego's association with Shell.  Today they visited Nottingham and as well as visting a few local...
GP Croydon minifigure group #BlockShell in Croydon

Mini figures #BlockShell all over Croydon

Croydon @GreenpeaceUK @LEGO_Group minifigures pop up all over town. Join them, sign up to #BlockShell at From Ikea to the Town Hall lego...
by Croydon
GP Croydon minifigure group #BlockShell in Croydon

Mini figures #BlockShell all over Croydon

@LEGO_Group minifigures #BlockShell at Nestle Croydon with tram
by Croydon

EarthShip Day Trip

On Saturday morning, July 26th, we met up at Waverly station and jumped on a train. 15 happy daytrippers headed towards Kinghorn (Fife) to visit the EarthShip...

Dandruff not deforestation!

We were in Swansea town centre to highlight the problem of deforestation caused by sourcing Palm Oil from Indonesia.  Many Palm oil companies now supply...
by Swansea

LEGO Protestors Visit Medway

A friend came to visit recently and so I thought I would take her on a tour of the sites of Medway. It was a lovely day for a wander around the tourist hot...

Hey Shell, Leave those kids alone!

Thanks to all those who articipated in action in Cannon Hill Park the other week! Especially to John for orgainsing it all and taking our minature Lego people...

Lego seaside adventure The Lego folk take a weekend trip down to Brighton to take in the sea air and sneak into the Lego shop for a few little...
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