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Hey Shell, Leave those kids alone!

Thanks to all those who articipated in action in Cannon Hill Park the other week! Especially to John for orgainsing it all and taking our minature Lego people...

Lego seaside adventure The Lego folk take a weekend trip down to Brighton to take in the sea air and sneak into the Lego shop for a few little...

UK nuclear weapons factory under 'special measures'

The Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, where the UK's nuclear weapons are designed and manufactured, has been placed under 'special measures' by the...

Frack Free Lancashire

The 20 - or so community/residents groups that are on the frontline gathered together on Lytham Green on Saturday, all wearing their new 'Frack Free Lancs' T...
Kumi speaking in Scotland during an event with Friends of the Earth

Boiling Point: Multiple Crises and the Democratic Deficit

    Kumi Naidoo, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace, has been a leader in human rights, social justice, and environmental activism...
by Cardiff

Another road to nowhere....

In Greenpeace we don't really do 'local' It's not because we don't have reverence for local campaigns or don't respect local campaigners. It's just we don't...
by Cardiff
Berkshire Greenpeace Truck 2014

Arctic Sunrise at Truck Festival

The Arctic Sunrise was seen at Truck Festival this weekend. Summer heat wave & stormy weather great music & a friendly party atmosphere was the back...
LEGO SHELL protest

LEGO break the link with SHELL

Huge support & understanding was shown by the public out shopping on a busy Saturday monring in Scarborough.  The message to LEGO is 'Please break the...
Polar Bear Arctic Sunrise Greenpeace

Smiles and tears at summer fairs

 It’s rare that I do a Greenpeace stall without getting a little tearful at some point.  Positive tears, mind you.  At the Hilly Fields...

Sandwich Folk and Ale

Well done to everyone who helped at the Folk and Ale festival at Sandwich. We didn't get much ale but we got a lot of support for the Lego campaign. We alsor...

Joseph, aged 7 from Huddersfield, says NO to Shell

During a recent visit to Legoloand Discovery Centre in Manchester, Joseph aged 7, a member of Huddersfield Eco Action Team kids' club, recruited some Lego...

Lego Mini-protestors say LEGO DUMP SHELL

Lego mini-protestors have been out across West Dorset to tell Lego to DUMP SHELL. They explain why in this video they sent us.

Mini Lego Shell Protest at the London Permaculture Festival

Visitors to the London Permaculture Festival helped Camden Greenpeace to stage a mini peaceful protest asking Lego to cut its ties with Shell, who are...
by Camden

Eastbourne & Hastings Greenpeace at St Leonards Festival

We had a great day at St Leonards Festival on Saturday. The festival is an annual community event with music, food, stalls, lots of fun and sun!...

Paterson: The worst environment secretary since Nicholas Ridley

It's often said when obituaries are written that 'little good could be said of him' well as far as Owen Paterson's tenure of DEFRA is concerned this is...
by Cardiff

Green traders at Glastonbury

As you might have read this week, solar has won; even if coal were free to burn, power stations won’t be able to compete. At Glastonbury, solar won too,...

Over but not out, all change, etc.

Twelve years ago, I moved to the Southampton area and, having been active in Leicester, took over the running of the Southampton group which was without a...

Thanks to everyone today..........

who helped in the park and to those passers-by who created this scene!

Surfing on Verulamium Lake

Caught this guy surfing with his banner on Verulamium Lake!!
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