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Organisations come together for Beach Clean

On Sunday we took part in a community beach clean together with the South Tyneside Green Party and the local branch of Surfers Against Sewage at Little Haven...

North East Labour MEP signs Arctic Declaration

On Saturday Judith Kirton-Darling, Minister of the European Parliment representing the North East signed the Arctic Declaration adding her name to hundreds of...

Arctic Sunrise Fundraiser a great success!

Last week we held a fundraising evening for the Arctic Sunrise at the Thieves' Kitchen in Worthing. The kind owners of the venue dedicated their regular Open...

7 Inspiring stories of communities taking action for climate

7 inspiring stories of communities taking action for climate Blogpost by Helena Meresman - 17 October, 2014 at 14:00 Add comment Stories of communities...
by Cardiff

Could we make East Sussex a Frack Free Zone?

Andrew Durling, Co-ordinator of Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, had been invited by East Sussex County Council to speak at a committee meeting...

Arctic Sunrise Fundraiser

Great photos and blog of the Arctic Sunrise fundraiser on Friday.
by Leeds


Lego have decided not to renew their partnership with Shell after 1 million people asked them to dump the oil mulinational that is responsible for human rights...
Lego figures hold a banner saying thanks a million.

Lego ditches Shell!

This is brilliant news!  At the last Nottingham network meeting I had to announce that we were to hold off doing anything about the campaign to ask Lego...
Lego figures hold a banner saying thanks a million.

Everything IS Awesome

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the Lego campaign. How does it go, 'Everything is awesome when you're part of a team,'... Well done to Lego for...

Save the Arctic, another reason to, floats in.

The waters around the coastline and the seas of the Arctic and the extreme cold and icy weather that is present through the Arctic winter, would make it...
Greenpeace London at the People's Climate March

October get together

Welcome Zoe, Alens, Romena, Philip and Josh to our group along with Ben, Sally, Andrew, Joe, Rebecca, Alan and me, we were a fairly large get together...
by Leeds

Fracking a frightening future vision for the UK?

Carol Jean Moten has come forward with yet more damning evidence of the effects of fracking, on ordinary comunities who want nothing more than to live their...
Greenpeace Ice Ride London 2014 outside City Hall

Ice Ride London 2014

On Saturday Greenpeace Shoreditch took part in the London Ice Ride, joining activists from all over London braving the rain to cycle around the city in support...

Eastbourne Ice Ride

After all the fantastic weather we have had, it was disappointing to see the weather forecast for Saturday.  But, luckily the heavy down poor that started...

Cardiff Ice Ride

Thankfully the weather cleared up and we had a great ice ride! Special thanks to all those who rode with us Sean, Alison, Ian. Eileen, Richard and of course...
by Cardiff

#Ice Ride Lights Up Bristol

Saturday 4th October saw a global mobilisation of thousands of Greenpeace volunteers and supporters who took to their bikes for the 2014 Ice Ride. Over 150...
Glasto Build - Together We Can Do So Much

My First Greenpeace Meetup

By Elli S For me, it all started with Glastonbury. Glastonbury festival. 2013. Well, I've been somewhat of an idealist environmentalist since I was old...

Tynedale Greenpeace Street Collection

We had our annual street collection in Hexham on Saturday and we managed to raise £131.16, with a little help from two volunteers from the York Greenpeace...

Fracking gas, worse than co2 in the fight against climate change.

With the huge tidal wave swell of public opinion in the UK very much against fracking and all of the dangers it poses to people, water, air, health and house...

UK Fracking: the terminal damning evidence.

The US shale gas boom was declared over in June of this year But for the UK,...
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