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Group updates

Join Greenwire

The official online meeting place for our local group, the North Kent Greenpeace group, has now moved to Greenwire. For those who have not heard of it before,...

New website ready for Launch

We have now, to all intents and purposes moved over to our new website on "Greenwire". Join us.Heres the link -

Special screening of ‘Black Ice’ documentary + Q&A with Frank Hewetson, one of the Greenpeace Arctic 30

Note: This is a FREE event but registration via the Eventbrite link is compulsory; our events are popular so we recommend you book early to avoid...

Asda-Walmart has stake in Japanese whaling company.

The environmental investigation agency has reported that Asda-Walmart has a 37% stake in the Japanese whaling company Seiyu. In fact the companies are so...

Illegal timber

Another victory for Greepeace, the illegal timber bound for Belgium has been seized. Read more

A Grand Day Out

The day dawned bright and sunny in Nottingham for our Arctic St-roll, which was a great relief to us all.  We wanted to highlight the campaign to Save the...
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Our net gain

After some negotiation we found a fish and chip shop owner in Rochester that has agreed to have his photo taken for our campaign for fairer fishing quotas....

Green Art

Greenpeace is to benefit from the latest artwork from maverick Somerset based artist, Harry Bunce, best known for his slightly sinister, but alluring,...

New Website

Important: We won't be using this site any longer-for the latest from Cardiff Greenpeace and elsewhere, please go to:
by Cardiff

Public Meeting Against Underground Coal Gasification

I attended a public meeting organised by the Seaham Action Group (Against Coal Gasification) on the 25th of November, a relatively new group brought together...

Greenpeace Active is changing

Important note - this website is changing. We have introduced our new members site:


The Bhopal Disaster: Suffering Continues  After 30 Years The Bhopal disaster has been said to be ‘history’s worst industrial catastrophe’ (The...
by Bristol


We're moving over to a new Huddersfield group page. The new platform is called Greenwire. To stay in touch with the Huddersfield group, follow this link...

Greenwire is here!

You've possibly been aware that over the last few months Greenpeace has been developing a new & improved website and communication platform for...

CFP quotas campaign - a call for volunteers

Today sees the start of a new phase of campaigning in support of small scale fishers and sustainable fishing. In January 2014, the newly reformed Common...

Bristol East is live on Greenwire

This past week has been manic because Greenpeace has just launched a new website/social media platform called Greenwire and those of us who are involved in...

Greenwire - New group website

Hello everybody, hope you are well. As you might have heard there is a new website for Greenpeace groups and you can find ours, the North Kent GP group, here:...

Greenwire, the new Greenpeace website, join South Yorkshire Greenpeace today!

For the last few weeks i have been helping to get the new Greenpeace UK website ready to be rolled out.  Firstly we got used to it as key activists and...
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Rich countries subsidising fossil fuels by $88 billion a year

A break down of just how much individual countries subsidise the fossil fuel industry, reveals levels of tax breaks to oil, coal and gas companies and their...

Please Try our New Web Site

The whole of Greenpeace UK is moving to a great new website. With loads of exciting new features Please Please Please Join us there. Follow this link https://...
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