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A multi ethnic group of five young adult friends walking in a forest during a hike General

Walk 100K in June: frequently asked questions

The Walk 100K in June challenge for Greenpeace starts on 1st June and finishes on 30th June 2022. Are you ready to take part? Here we've provided some answers to common questions so you have everything you need to get involved.

Aerial photo of two squid jiggers sailing in tandem on a deep blue ocean Report

Squids in the spotlight

This report uncovers the huge scale of the global squid fishing industry, which has grown over 10-fold since 1950 and is now jeopardising marine ecosystems around the world.

An oil rig at sea with another on the horizon Investor briefing

Zeroing In

The International Energy Agency’s new Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 scenario, published in May 2021 and incorporated in the World Energy Outlook published in October, sparked wide debate on the future of oil and gas.

An activist in protective overalls, goggles and a mask kneels in front of a large pile of ash and burned plastic. Laid out in the foreground is a large banner reading 'Wasted land' Report

Game of Waste

This report details the chemical contamination that scientists found in five different dumpsites across southern Turkey. It identified a wide range of toxic chemicals in the ash and soil of all five sites, many of which are associated with plastic packaging or the burning of plastics. It was prepared by Greenpeace Mediterranean.