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An oil rig at sea with another on the horizon Investor briefing

Zeroing In

The International Energy Agency’s new Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 scenario, published in May 2021 and incorporated in the World Energy Outlook published in October, sparked wide debate on the future of oil and gas.

Investor briefing

Accountable: Shareholder votes on auditor appointments

This briefing is a review of the 2021 voting records of some of the largest asset managers operating in the UK on the appointment of auditors at over 300 large listed companies. Shareholders are waiving through the reappointment of auditors that have failed to address climate risk in their reports, posing a significant risk to their own investments and the climate.


The economic impact of decarbonising household heating in the UK

This report was produced by Cambridge Econometrics on behalf of Greenpeace UK. It shows how a properly funded, ambitious programme to insulate homes and swap gas boilers for low-carbon heating sources, such as heat pumps, could deliver huge economic and social benefits. It highlights that the greater the government’s investment in decarbonising homes, the greater the return, both in terms of jobs and economic growth.