Budget 2018: Chancellor missed the memo on catastrophic climate change

Budget fails on vision to restore nature for the next generation


Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said:

“Three weeks since the world’s leading climate scientists said governments have just 12 years to turn the tide on the catastrophic and irreversible consequences of climate change, the Chancellor has delivered a budget that reads as though he missed the memo. Preferential treatment for North Sea oil and gas, keeping the freeze on fuel duty and trimming aviation tax send all the wrong signals to some of our most polluting industries. Meanwhile, the cheapest clean energy options of onshore wind and solar remain frozen through lack of support.

“We’re currently in the middle of a plastics pollution crisis and yet the Chancellor failed to take even small steps towards stemming the flow of single use plastics by choosing not to introduce a tax on disposable coffee cups and ignoring calls for a tax on brand new plastic.

“Philip Hammond claims he cares about restoring nature for the next generation, but this Budget represents a major fail in delivering on this vision.”


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