All the best signs from this weekend’s climate marches

Creating a good protest sign is an art form, and these climate marchers nailed it. 


On Friday and Saturday, people came out in their thousands for climate marches around the country. The crowds were calling on governments to raise their game as we pass the halfway point of the COP26 climate talks.

And as always, the climate movement’s genius sign-writers were out in force. From terrible puns to hard truths, these marches had it all.

When will we learn?

Climate marcher holds a sign saying 'Every disaster movie starts with ignoring a scientist'

Parched and lifeless should not be our aspiration

Gays for Greta

Climate marcher holds a sign saying 'Gays for Greta'

Sometimes you just have to speak from the heart

There was Powerful Scottish Energy™ everywhere you looked

A climate marcher holds a giant paper model of a thistle, with a sign saying 'Thistle be the end if we don't act now'
Climate marcher holds a sign saying 'Distil whisky not oil'

I dream of a day when this dog is less universally relevant

A bold concept, flawlessly executed

Climate marchers carry a painted banner showing Boris Johnson, plus Shell and BP oil barrels with legs, pushing the Earth off a cliff into a lake of fire.

It works on so many levels

How did we let it come to this?

A high bar we should absolutely not be clearing

What's next?