How to help people affected by the Ukraine war

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been condemned around the world, and people throughout the country are at risk. Here's how you can help.


The suffering caused by wars is immense, and it’s happening right now in Kyiv, Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine. As Russia’s unprovoked and illegal war continues, reports of attacks on ordinary people are filling the news. According to the UN, one million people have already fled the country, and there are warnings that a major humanitarian crisis is under way.

We’re all hoping for a fast and peaceful end to this war, with no more violence or bloodshed. So seeing the images in the news and on social media of the anguish caused by the invasion is heartbreaking.

There are many organisations working on the ground in Ukraine and beyond that are helping people caught up in the war. If you want to help, here are just a few who would be grateful for your support.

Ukrainian Red Cross has already provided aid to over 30,000 people, including food, medicine and clothing.

People in Need, based in the Czech Republic, is driving food, hygiene items and bedding across the border to Lviv in the west of Ukraine.

OutRight Action is providing funds to LGBTQIA+ organisations in Ukraine to help those displaced by the conflict.

Kyiv Independent is providing on-the-ground reporting, providing information for Ukrainians and the global community.

Blood Agents promotes and organises blood donations in Ukraine.

Unicef is supporting children and families, providing clean water, food and health services.

Stand with Ukraine is highlighting protests around the world, so you can join in and make your voice heard against the war.

Refugee Action and the Refugee Council in the UK work with volunteers to support refugees and asylum seekers.

Room for Refugees and Refugees at Home help house refugees in the UK.

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