In pictures: 50 years of making change together

For 50 years Greenpeace has been winning monumental victories around the world, and standing with communities affected by environmental damage. Here are some highlights, in pictures.


Together with people like you, Greenpeace has confronted the biggest global environmental threats of the last 50 years. We’ve shown many times that greedy companies and governments are no match for our collective power.

Here are just 6 victories of our victories that changed the world for the better.



In 1971 Greenpeace founders set sail in an old fishing boat to try and stop a US nuclear weapons test on an island off the coast of Alaska. Fifty years on, taking action – through investigations, research, and peaceful, non-violent direct action – has remained an important way in which Greenpeace creates change.

Here are photos of 9 ways we’ve taken action around the world that will leave you inspired.

All around the world (and in the UK), environmental destruction affects communities. Communities can be directly impacted by the damaging activities of governments and corporations – and then in turn by the impacts of climate change, such as flooding.

For decades, Greenpeace has stood with such communities, amplifying their powerful voices in massive international campaigns to protect their lands and livelihoods.

From fashion designers to rock stars, over the last 50 years countless celebrities have joined forces with Greenpeace to campaign for a better world.

Here are 5 of those celebrities who have used their profiles to do good.

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