How a t-shirt can spark a lifetime of environmental activism

We spoke to supporters to hear how a humble bit of Greenpeace merchandise can inspire action, connect people... and get you into trouble at work.


From badges to mugs to the classic t-shirt, Greenpeace merchandise has held a special place in people’s hearts over the years.

We asked supporters, old and new, for their funny and heart-warming stories involving some Greenpeace memorabilia. Read on to hear how a chance encounter with a Greenpeace ‘thing’ out in the world has been a catalyst for many supporters’ journey into activism (and even got them into a bit of trouble along the way).


Alice, 33, from Manchester. Greenpeace supporter since 2019.

"One of my earliest memories is of my Dad in his Greenpeace t-shirt. This was back in the early 90s and he wore it with pride. I don’t know what happened to the t-shirt but shortly before my Dad died in March this year he spoke to me about why he quietly but passionately supported Greenpeace for three decades. He said: ‘you need someone constantly applying the pressure on governments and big business and that’s what Greenpeace does - makes sure that they can’t get away with making decisions to the detriment of the natural world’. Part of his legacy is now my support of Greenpeace too."

Maureen, 83, Oxfordshire. Greenpeace supporter since the 1980’s.

“I picked up a leaflet in the hairdressers way back in the 80s. Here was the opportunity of being part of a group that highlighted and took action against the threats the world was facing. I’ve supported Greenpeace ever since, and feel being part of Greenpeace there is more chance of succeeding in protecting the planet for my grandchildren.”

Simone, 57, London. joined Greenpeace in 1979.

“I remember being a teenager with my kid sister in the 1970’s knocking on doors for Save the Whales’ walks. So proactive. I still have my rainbow warrior badge on my army bag!  
“I wore a Greenpeace T shirt to work in a government department. Rather than have me undertake a two hour round journey to get changed I was ordered to pin a piece of paper over the logo, which failed as even more people were curious as to what was under it!”
Eddie, 66, from Kettering. Greenpeace supporter since 1985. Tweet this

Kevin, 54, London. Joined Greenpeace in 1988.

“In the 1990s, when I was in my 20s I wore my ‘You can’t sink a rainbow’ t-shirt all the time and until it fell off my back… I loved that t-shirt and wore the injustice and anti-violence message that it represented like a badge of honour.”

Mark, 49. Joined Greenpeace in 1989.

“In ‘88 a family friend gave me a Greenpeace mug for my 15th birthday.  I remember feeling proud that she thought I was the sort of person who would appreciate it.”

Eddie, 66, Kettering. Greenpeace supporter since 1985.

“I was in a record shop and discovered the Greenpeace album, this was shortly after the Rainbow Warrior incident and like others I was outraged. Fortunately the album also contained information and how to support Greenpeace and I set up a subscription.”

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