Nestlé’s new claim appears to be a blatant and embarrassing attempt to deceive customers

Greenpeace responds to Nestlé's claim that 77% of its commodities are now deforestation-free


In response to Nestle’s claim, announced today, that 77% of its commodities are now deforestation-free, Greenpeace UK responded:

Richard George, Head of Forests at Greenpeace UK, said:

“The claim made by Nestlé today wholly contradicts very recent discussions we’ve had with the company and its sustainability consultants. We know Nestlé continues to trade with some of the world’s guiltiest suppliers when it comes to deforestation for palm oil, soya and cocoa.

“Without further explanation, we can only conclude that this is a blatant and embarrassing attempt by the company to deceive its customers and absolve all responsibility for its contribution to the destruction of the world’s forests.

“Despite the climate emergency we are in, it would appear Nestlé is working harder to hide the truth and chase short term profit, than to seriously change its ways to create a better future for us all.”


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