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Greenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction. Our vision is a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come. 

We are independent. We don’t accept any funding from governments, corporations or political parties – our work is funded by ordinary people. That means we are free to confront governments and corporations responsible for the destruction of the natural world and push for real change. 

We do this by investigating, documenting and exposing the causes of environmental destruction. We work to bring about change by lobbying, consumer pressure and mobilising members of the general public. And we take peaceful direct action to protect our Earth and promote solutions for a green and peaceful future. 

Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by a small group of concerned individuals, who set sail to Amchitka island off the coast of Alaska to try and stop a US nuclear weapons test. Their old fishing boat was called “The Greenpeace”. Today, Greenpeace is present in over 40 countries around the world. Our movement is growing every day and our commitment to realising our vision is as strong as ever. 

We find ourselves at a pivotal point in human history now. Climate change is rapidly accelerating and we are feeling the effects of it ever more – in the changes to our air, sea levels and more extreme weather events. The need to act to protect our planet has never been so urgent, yet governments and corporations are still dragging their feet. Our mission is to promote radical changes and new solutions to the ways we live on this planet so that we can all call it home for generations to come.

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