Philanthropy and foundations

The threats to our planet are grave and urgent. Major gifts make a significant contribution to tackling these problems and donors are very much partners in Greenpeace’s work.


A substantial donation will make a difference in pushing forward the solutions to climate change and defending our natural world.

If you entrust Greenpeace with a major gift, we will ensure you’re kept informed about how your gift is being used and the impact it has on defending our living world. You will receive personal updates from our dedicated team so you can be confident that your investment is a sound one.

To maintain our independence, Greenpeace doesn’t accept donations from companies or governments. Instead, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you. Your gift will be used to support vital work to challenge the problems we face and promote the solutions we need.

Here are two examples of campaigns you could get behind:

If you are considering making a major gift, our dedicated major donor team would be happy to discuss this and answer any questions you have.