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The threats to our planet are grave and urgent. Major gifts make a significant contribution to tackling these problems and donors are very much partners in Greenpeace’s work.

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A substantial donation will make a difference in pushing forward the solutions to climate change and defending our natural world.

If you entrust Greenpeace with a major gift, we will ensure you’re kept informed about how your gift is being used and the impact it has on defending our living world. You will receive personal updates from our dedicated team so you can be confident that your investment is a sound one.

How your gift can make a difference

To maintain our independence, Greenpeace doesn’t accept donations from companies or governments. Instead, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you. Your gift will be used to support vital work to challenge the problems we face and promote the solutions we need.

Here are two examples of campaigns you could get behind:


Securing global ocean protection

Our oceans support all life on Earth and they need you. With your support, we will be able to take this once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect our oceans so they can continue to protect us.
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Getting Amazon destruction off your dinner plate

Our aim is to get the UK on a pathway towards 70% reduction in all meat and dairy production and consumption by 2030, starting with phasing out industrial meat.
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“Despite the uncertainty unfolding around us, the Greenpeace community turned around oil tankers, transformed fast food menus and used pioneering science to safeguard previously unexplored areas of the Atlantic.”
Areeba Hamid, co-executive director, Greenpeace UK Greenpeace victories Yearly impact reports

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Trusts and foundations

Louise Krzan, head of trust and foundation partnerships

Personal donations

Steve Adams, head of individual major gifts

You can reach the team by phone on 020 7865 8175.

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