When you’re grappling with the big issues, there’s nothing like hearing directly from a passionate, trained communicator.

Greenpeace speaker sessions will help your group find hope in the face of the climate crisis. Our trained volunteers will create a space to talk about feelings, get clear on the facts, and present a foundation to act.

Greenpeace Speaker Sessions will be available to book soon.

What audiences say

“Our speaker was brilliant, and clearly knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. She gave the attendees lots to think about, and how they can help to make a difference.”

"Richard was excellent at adapting his talks for the different age groups, and understanding the diversity of lifestyles, cultures etc in the room"

“Zoe did a fantastic job at engaging the children. The session was fun, interactive and correctly pitched. Thank you!”

“Jasbir is an excellent speaker and we would love to have him back. He was knowledgeable about the science involved and made the topic accessible to the whole group.”

Speaker sessions are perfect for...

Community groups

Faith groups
Sports clubs
Cafes and shops

Three options for your session


The climate talk

A 20 minute talk by a trained volunteer speaker.

Perfect for audiences who want to understand the impacts of the climate crisis – and the way forward.

Topics covered:

  • • The impacts of the climate crisis at home and abroad
  • • How to build people power
  • • How you can take action

The climate cafe

A 45-60 minute facilitated workshop and safe space, with a lively, welcoming atmosphere. Talk openly about the climate crisis and translate feelings into action.

Great for audiences who are already engaged and aware of the climate crisis, and want to explore the topic more with their community.

Topics covered:

  • • Intro to the session
  • • Facilitated discussion for the whole group
  • • How to translate your feelings into action

All about Greenpeace

A 20-minute introduction to Greenpeace and people power.

Great for an office lunch and learn, or for those who are new to environmental campaigning altogether.

Topics covered:

  • • Introduction to Greenpeace
  • • History of non-violent direct action
  • • Current campaigns
  • • How to take action with Greenpeace

Greenpeace Speaker Sessions will be available to book soon

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