Greenpeace Speakers

Greenpeace Speakers are trained volunteers who deliver inspiring talks across the country about the challenges of protecting our planet and what people can do to help. Invite a Speaker to your school, office or event, or become a Speaker yourself.


Greenpeace Speakers are passionate about building a green and peaceful world. They’re only too happy to share that passion and talk about the solutions to our environmental problems.

Whether discussing how we can get climate change under control or protect rainforests and oceans, Greenpeace Speakers can provide engaging insights into the environmental challenges we face. They can also talk about Greenpeace’s history and the work we do. Speakers deliver talks to a range of audiences, for example a school on the issue of plastics, a business talking about climate change or a local council about air pollution.

Invite a Greenpeace Speaker

Inviting a speaker to talk to your colleagues, class or group is a great way to start conversations about our place in the natural world.

Select your region to find and invite a speaker:

Become a Greenpeace Speaker

If you love talking about the environment and are confident speaking in front of groups of people, you could be a Greenpeace Speaker. You’ll be given training and provided with presentation materials, and you’ll need to spend some time developing talks for each event. You’ll also need to factor in travel times to different venues, and travel expenses will be covered. The only other things you need to bring are your dedication and a friendly smile.

We run trainings for new Speakers twice a year, with the next being in spring 2020. We do our best to invite everyone who applies but we can’t guarantee a place.

To get more information on the role or to register your interest in training to become a Speaker email