Board of directors


The board of directors is responsible for strategic decisions including approving organisational policy; approving the organisational development plan; and ratifying decisions made at the Greenpeace UK annual general meeting.

The board’s role also includes approval of Greenpeace UK’s annual budget and audited accounts, and the appointment and supervision of Greenpeace UK’s executive director.

UK board ​​directorships are limited to eight years (two terms of four years). The board meets three times in the year and reports to the voting members at the AGM.

Joint executive directors

In August 2022, Areeba Hamid and Will McCallum were appointed as joint executive directors of Greenpeace UK – the first time this role has been held by two people.


Areeba Hamid

Areeba worked at senior levels in Greenpeace offices around the world from 2006-2020, campaigning on issues like marine conservation, coal expansion in India, rainforest destruction in Indonesia, and tar sands in Canada and North America. Areeba re-joined Greenpeace from The Sunrise Project, where she led their global finance program.

She is also a board member of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. Born in India, she will be the first woman and first person of colour to lead Greenpeace in the UK. Areeba's current salary is £95,400.

Will McCallum

Will has been Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK since 2015. Most recently, he led a high profile international campaign for ocean sanctuaries in international and national waters. Before that, he oversaw the launch of the first major Greenpeace UK campaign on plastic. As an activist inside and outside of Greenpeace, he has campaigned on a range of issues including fracking, coal, oil sponsorship of the arts and equality.

His book, How to Give Up Plastic, has been translated into 12 languages. He is also on the board of Kaleidoscope Trust, an LGBT+ rights organisation. Will's current salary is £95,400.

Board members


Andrew McParland, board chair

Andrew has been a member of the board for Greenpeace UK since 2010 and chair since July 2018. Andrew is an engineer and manager working on the research and development of new technologies in online media. He develops standards, software and algorithms to help people to find and access the content of most relevance to them.

He has been involved in Greenpeace and environmental activism for over 25 years. He frequently participates in Greenpeace actions and trains others to take part as well.

Helen Adams

Helen is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London where she works on climate-related migration and transformational adaptation. She was a lead author on the latest IPCC report - WGII on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability - and was seconded to the UK Cabinet Office to lead on science engagement for the COP26 presidency.

Jean McLean

Jean is Director of Engagement for the Green Economy Coalition, where she supports the global membership to tell their stories about green and fair economies. As an experienced campaigner and communicator she has worked internationally to create platforms for people to improve their lives and the planet.

She has experience of humanitarian emergencies and multi-country campaigns having worked for organisations such as the National Union of Students, Save the Children, Global Citizen and ActionAid. She is also on the Board of Directors for Tax Justice UK and is a BBC Advisory Appeals Committee member.


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