7 ways to reuse babygrows and other kids’ clothing

Even if they’re organic cotton, babies grow out of babygrows quickly – making them the fastest fashion around! Here’s 7 ways to reuse baby clothes, starting your little activists out in sustainable fashion.


Babies get through their clothes pretty fast. They grow (that’s why they’re called babygrows!), they dribble, and they make a lot of mess.

There’s no escaping that onesies and other kids’ clothing are the fastest fast fashion around – clothes are outgrown in a matter of weeks, or ruined by stains by even just one messy meal. But parents can still make a start on sustainable fashion choices for their little activists. 

Here are 7 ways to reuse baby clothing:

1. Repurpose and upcycle

Babies and toddlers always need cute costumes for parties and festivals – and climate protests! You don’t have to be a sewing expert to upgrade babygrows into creative slogan t-shirts. Often a pair of scissors and fabric paint is all you need, and there are lots of easy-to-follow video tutorials online.

2. Hand it on

If that super tiny, super cute babygrow still has life left in it – hold on to it. They’re small to store, and friends or family might have one day have babies younger than yours. And there’s huge communities on social media where you can pass baby clothes on to those who need them.

Most towns and cities in the UK have baby clothing banks and hand-me-down clothing rails in children’s centres. And many charity shops now have dedicated children’s clothing sections too.



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3. Frame it

There’s also that one really special piece – a gift from a loved one with a special favourite animal motif, or maybe a babygrow with a powerful message on it.

Why not frame it and hang it in their room? As they grow, their old clothes in full view will spark inspiring conversations. They could even inspire bedtime stories about how they started life as a little activist.

4. Make memories

Many baby clothes have sentimental value. But when there’s no room in the loft, it’s time to get creative. You could cut them up and make a quilt or cushion cover for your little one’s nursery. Maybe you have onesies that have been personalised with birthdays and names – they make great keepsakes as patchwork animals.

You don’t even have to be crafty to reuse baby clothes like this – local sewers would be able to repurpose your items, and you’ll be supporting a small business too.

5. Dress the baby

Does your little one like playing with dolls, or baby-sized stuffed animals? Reuse your own child’s clothing to teach your kids to dress their baby, or teddy bear, at playtime. 

This is a great lesson in learning how clothes work – so they can also learn how to dress themselves.

Product show of a baby grow with design saying home is where the heart is and a picture of people holding hands around the world

6. Keep clean – and hide stains with tie dye

Much of the above relies on keeping the babygrows relatively stain-free. Although it’s not always possible (hello weaning phase!), you could wash clothes less clothes less and spot clean stains. And to help clothes last longer, make sure to air dry them – which is much better for the environment too.

If clothing is really too stained to look smart again, have a go at natural tie-dye. Being cotton, white babygrows will take up dye well. Choose a dye colour that will mask the stains completely. If that pea puree got too out of control, tie dying with these veg and herbs can get you a fresh-looking green piece.

7. Clean with it

Stained babygrows can still be of use. A lot of baby clothes – especially babygrows – are made of cotton, which makes them perfect for cleaning. Keep one tucked away in your bathroom for a quick wipe of the mirrors. Just make sure to cut off the poppers so they don’t scratch. 

And if you really have to buy new babygrows (and you will, because of the growing thing) – choose ethical, sustainable organic cotton with an empowering motif or message:

Product show of a baby grow with a rainbow pattern of plants and animals
Product show of a baby grow with a picture of a bee on a flower with the slogan bee kind on it
Product show of a baby grow with the word resist on the front in block capitals
Product show of a baby grow protect what you love written on the front in colourful letters

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All Greenpeace apparel is made with organic cotton, made with renewable energy, no toxic chemicals are used and the printing is on-demand and low impact.

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