Cuadrilla: just a few more earthquakes and will make fracking work. Greenpeace: no, thank you

Our response to Cuadrilla's announcement that they require changes to UK fracking law


In response to Cuadrilla’s announcement that they require changes to the UK’s seismic safety regulations in order to continue fracking, John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, said –

“Cuadrilla have practically admitted that they can’t make fracking work under the safety rules they’ve been boasting about for years. If they can’t, then they shouldn’t. In order to ‘grasp the prize’ of a very small amount of very expensive fracked gas, ministers have already removed people’s property rights and are pushing plans to suppress all local democratic control by allowing fracking without planning permission. And now the industry need just one more regulation to be lifted, the safety limit on earthquakes. Until the next one, of course. The UK government should stop wasting time on this polluting industry and back the clean energy infrastructure we need to tackle climate change.”

Greenpeace activists and life-size fracking rig

Greenpeace installed a life-like fracking rig and drill in Parliament Square to ‘bring the local impacts of fracking to the heart of democracy’ © Kristian Buus / Greenpeace



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