Don’t Stop thinking about tomorrow: the classic song reimagined for a new generation

Greenpeace has joined up with some of the best in music and film to remake Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Don’t Stop


Don’t Stop is a song and short film from Greenpeace in collaboration with a host of incredible artists.

This is not your typical charity single. It’s a call to arms, an impassioned plea to take action today, for the sake of tomorrow.

The song: a classic reimagined for a new generation

Multi-award-winning producer Fraser T Smith – who has worked with everyone from Stormzy and Adele to Kano and Drake – has created a gripping reinvention of the classic Fleetwood Mac song Don’t Stop.

It features music from jazz talent development organisation Tomorrow’s Warriors, vocals from the House Gospel Choir and new lyrics from lauded rapper Avelino.

“Climate change isn’t unchangeable / Don’t need a cape to be capable / Nobody’s Superman, but this could save us all”
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This is no ordinary cover: Don’t Stop shines a light on the fight of our lives – to save our planet from climate breakdown. It exposes the grotesque behaviour of oil companies enjoying record profits while our world burns. But ultimately it is a story of hope: it points to the power in all of us to stop this recklessness.

The film: Will Poulter stars in a modern climate fable

Written and directed by Samona Olanipekun of Steve McQueen’s Lammas Park stable, exec-produced by Oscar-winning Steve McQueen and Bona Orakwue, and featuring Will Poulter (Midsommar, Guardians of the Galaxy 3) – the film is a stark look at the state of the world and all of our roles in it.

Set in a vibrant but unsettling party which is spinning out of control, we’re confronted with the reality of our situation: greedy corporations are partying like there’s no tomorrow. And if they keep acting like that, there won’t be one. 

Director Samona Olanipekun says, “My film is a metaphor for the climate crisis – things feel like they’re falling apart around us, while those in power continue with business as usual. The guests who snap out of the trance represent those brave enough to confront the truth.

“People everywhere are facing climate catastrophe – it’s time for us to wake up, and shake up, the fossil fuel industry. Together, we are stronger, and every voice makes us louder.”

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Together we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry.


Lyrics by Avelino

It’s either you stand for something or fall for anything
Gotta give my all, I’m putting in everything
Common sense ain’t common anymore, you’d think we were more intelligent
Making an impact’s imperative
The latest trends: all irrelevant
Nothing’s as wild as human nature and I’m in a room full of elephants
God save the planet
But we’re the ones that really need saving
We’re too worried about what we’re generating and not about the next generation
Gotta do it for the family tree
And it’s not too late but Father Time will slow down the clock
And Mother Nature said you’re testing her patience

Madness all in the name of power and profit
We don’t need a prophet to warn us the issue’s now and we’re the problem
Everyone’s wearing a sugar coat (Yeah)
Dressing up the naked truth
But it’s gonna cost us wearing these costumes
Even if the voices feel too loud
Turn up the volume
Let’s be sustainable, we’re so replaceable, climate change isn’t unchangeable
Don’t need a cape to be capable, nobody’s Superman but this could save us all
This call to arms, who’s gonna make the call?
And we’re so divided, but we’ve gotta multiply actions


Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Together we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry.


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