Greenpeace present Burger King UK CEO with award for flame-grilling The Amazon


At lunchtime today, Greenpeace UK delivered an award to Burger King UK CEO Alasdair Murdoch for the company’s role in the Amazon fires and deforestation in Brazil.

Murdoch was delivering a speech on leadership at a restaurant conference in London so Greenpeace UK popped down with a snazzy burger-shaped award, urging him to take a lead on ending deforestation.

Sara Ayech, Senior Campaigner at Greenpeace UK, presented the award and said:
“I’m here to present this award to Burger King for flame grilling the Amazon rainforest.  Burger King are buying meat from companies that are destroying the Amazon.

“Burger King must take a stand against destruction of the Amazon and stop buying meat and animal feed from Brazil until the Amazon is protected and the people who live there are too.”

Globally, Burger King is sourcing enormous volumes of soya and meat from Brazilian suppliers that have been complicit in clearing rainforest. Among them is JBS, one of Brazil’s biggest slaughterhouses whose suppliers are destroying the Amazon to graze cattle.

The meat Burger King sells in the UK is fed on soya, a crop grown extensively in Brazil and other South American countries for animal feed, making it the second largest driver of deforestation.

Photographs of the delivery can be downloaded here:

There’s a social media video here:

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