Greenpeace Community Gathering: we asked our volunteers what they love about the community – here’s what they said

Greenpeace volunteers from across the UK came together for a weekend to reconnect and work to make our campaigns as strong as possible.


After years of connecting with our volunteers digitally, we were thrilled to be able to invite our volunteers to Greenpeace HQ again. 

The Greenpeace Community Gathering is an opportunity for volunteers to connect with each other, inspire each other, and work together to make our campaigns as strong as possible across all four nations of the UK. 

Our volunteers were left feeling inspired, revitalised and ready for action.

We’re already excited about planning our next get together, and we’re hoping to organise these more often!

A crowd of around 60 people photographed from above

The Greenpeace 2023 Community Gathering

“I was invited this weekend to represent the Essex group, because our co-ordinator could not come. I feel immensely proud and privileged to be part of this community gathering. Inspired to take more of an active role within my local group. I will now apply to be a Greenpeace activist and dream of bringing my skills and experience to the boat team too. The staff were amazing. Such great energy, very inclusive. I've been so inspired by many of the people I've met, and their great ideas I'll take back to Essex. What a wonderful group of people we are.” – Jamie Rayner, Essex (left)
“I feel touched and rejuvenated and belonging after such a wholesome and energy-inducing weekend. This was what I needed to feel again.”
Shanice Arkless, Social Media and Local Media Coordinator, Birmingham Tweet this
Two women sat at a table discussing newspapers in front of them. One woman is taking animatedly with her hand while the other listens. There are others in the background also looking at newspapers
“Terrific companionship, great support from the staff, wonderful food and working as a team. It is a joy to be part of Greenpeace.”
Alison Thompson, Local Group Coordinator, Birmingham Tweet this
“Often the struggle for the recognition of climate change and preventative/curative action can feel lonely and stressful but this weekend has felt both inspiring and joyful.”
Beth Fitzsimmons, Local Media Coordinator, Sheffield
Greenpeace UK Volunteer Gathering
Three men of different ages sit at a table, looking at a spread of newspapers, in a colourful warehouse with shelves and banners visible in the backgrounud
“My highlight was the shared experience of brainstorming creative ideas on how we can tackle this absolutely enormous climate crisis we have looming.”
Jayne Harnett, Local Group Co-coordinator, Leeds Tweet this
“I have met so many inspiring, kind people who are so willing to help and support each other!”
Faye Palmer, Local Group Coordinator, Coventry
Greenpeace UK Community Gathering Volunteer
“You'll feel more connected to Greenpeace than ever before, and the importance of the work of the volunteer network”
Zeb Mattey, Local Group Coordinator, Southwark Tweet this
“I came away energised, inspired and full of ideas I want to try with my group.”
Richard Lancaster, Local Group Co-coordinator, Bristol
Richard Bristol
“The best thing for me about the conference was sitting in a room full of people committed to 'not relying on other people to save the planet' but who were taking time out of their busy lives to do something constructive themselves.”
Fenella Brotherwood, Bath Tweet this
Four people wearing name tags sat at two tables with a large sheet of paper in front of them. The room is an office with a large images of women climbers on the wall and plants

© Marie Jacquemin / Greenpeace

“It gave real fuel and oxygen to my eco-fire! I felt very included and listened to. I loved all the small group sessions that allowed us to get to know others.”
Katie Graham, Social Media Coordinator, Suffolk Tweet this
“The gathering strengthens the network of groups around the country and offers a real sense of community and common purpose.”
Richard Baxter, Local Group Co-coordinator, Bristol
Richard Bristol 2
“It's so inspiring to share ideas, challenges and opportunities with similarly-minded people from such diverse backgrounds. It feels like a family. Hearing about the vision of the new Executive Directors was especially motivating, and we can't wait to get out into our communities and spread the word that we can - and must - take control of our future, and make it a better one for future generations.”
Jeremy Silverstone, Local Group Co-ordinator, St Albans Tweet this

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