Put facts before ideology and bin onshore wind ban – Greenpeace


Commenting on Grant Schapps signalling a possible climbdown on the onshore wind ban in England, Greenpeace UK Policy Director Doug Parr said: 

“It’s taken seven long years, an unprecedented energy crisis and a major rebellion involving two former prime ministers for the government to begin to realise the obvious. Onshore wind could have been designed as the perfect solution to the multiple crises we face – it’s a no-brainer. We’ve got sky-high energy prices driven by fossil gas, and onshore wind is the cheapest form of power. We have a security issue over gas supplies, and onshore wind needs no fuel but the air moving. And we have a raging climate crisis where onshore wind can cut planet-heating emissions and buy us precious time. In the next few days, the government has the opportunity to put facts before ideology and scrap one of the most absurd and damaging policies ever introduced by a UK government. It’s taken too long but it’s not too late to do the right thing and bin the ban.”


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