Unilever’s climate announcement is an empty PR exercise says Greenpeace 

In response to today’s announcement by Unilever, John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, said: 


“In 2010, Unilever committed to end deforestation for commodities by 2020. It failed and has now kicked the can even further down the road to 2023.

“Unilever’s business model is based on environmental destruction. Today’s announcement is an empty PR exercise with no concrete plan to stop the harm its business is causing right now to people and the planet. 

“Unilever needs to come clean about where it stands at this pivotal time. As governments like Brazil and Indonesia continue to dismantle already inadequate safeguards for the environment, people and wildlife, whose side is it on? How will the indigenous peoples whose land rights are being violated, whose forests are being destroyed for commodity expansion and who are dying as a result of fires and Covid-19 actually benefit now from what Unilever is announcing?

“Climate change, social justice and biodiversity loss don’t operate according to multinational timelines. It’s urgent now and requires action immediately.”



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