Final countdown – now or never for the palm oil industry

Greenpeace investigation shows how the world's biggest brand continue to cause deforestation through buying palm oil from rainforest destroyers


Greenpeace researchers investigated the 25 most notorious palm oil producers in Southeast Asia.

The report shows that between them these producers destroyed over 130,000 hectares of rainforest since 2015 – an area almost twice the size of Singapore.

The investigation also uncovered worker exploitation, conflicts with communities, illegal deforestation, development without permits, plantation development in areas zoned for protection and forest fires linked to land clearance.

Twelve major brands – including the makers of Kit-Kat, Colgate toothpaste, Johnson’s Baby Lotion, Dove, Doritos, Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, Ritz crackers, M&M’s and Head & Shoulders – had at least 20 of these dirty growers in their supply chains.

What's next?