Post us your plastic

There are two ways to send us your plastic – here's what you need to know.


Send your plastic from the post office

  • Carry your clean plastics in a bag and a pen with you.
  • Find the box/packet that will fit your plastic waste in, either at the post office or from home.
  • Write the address on top and go to the counter.
  • Pay for the package and the stamp.

Schedule a collection for your plastic

  • Find a box/packet that will fit your plastic in
  • Weigh your package
  • Book a collection via Royal Mail
  • Print out and stick the postage label on your package
  • Someone will come pick it up on the booked day (and you will receive updates from the Royal Mail)

Weight and price

  • One 500ml bottle = 24gs = £3.20
  • Ten 500ml bottles = 240gs = £3.20
  • One 1L Milk carton = 27gs = £3.20
  • Ten 1L Milk carton = 270gs = £3.20
  • Up to 2kgs costs £3.20 (on 2nd class post) including the weight of your parcel.

Further pricing information from Royal Mail

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