Youth action sheets

Take action for the environmental issues you care about using these simple ideas


Let’s talk about it: inspiring action through conversation

From celebrity comments to conversations with friends, people influence what you think, feel and do. So you can be a huge influence on the people in your life and for global environmental challenges, using your influence is vital if you want change to happen.

That’s because talking about these challenges can be tough! Topics, like climate change, can make people feel overwhelmed, anxious and guilty. So they’re more likely to avoid them. But these conversations help people to think, feel and act differently. We’ve got some top tips for how to turn an overwhelming conversation into an inspiring one. Try them out with family and friends – help make change happen.

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Let’s tweet about it: collective messaging to maximise impact

Nudge your friends and family to take action or get them to sit up and listen to what’s happening in the world. Get the people you’ve talked to in ‘Let’s talk about it’ together and share a message collectively across Instagram or Twitter. Send it at the same date and time to maximise your impact. Social media reaches people you might not on a daily basis – your impact can be huge.

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Let’s write about it: green your zine to maximise your reach

Zines – pamphlet-like and often self-published – are a creative way to engage people with an issue you care about. They provide a solution to ‘digital fatigue’ and can reach groups of people who may never read about the issue online. So make a zine with a couple of friends to spread the word on an issue you care about. Click here to find out more about zines.

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