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The natural world is under attack from every angle, but by joining Greenpeace Onboard you’ll be right there with us as we take on climate criminals and planet destroyers. Stand with every person who makes our ship missions so powerful; supporting peaceful direct actions, cutting-edge scientific research and groundbreaking investigations. Support us onboard today.

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For 50 years, Greenpeace’s iconic ships have criss-crossed through every ocean defending our precious planet. When they first took to water, they protected whales from deadly harpoons and helped stop nuclear testing. When it comes to taking the fight for our planet to even the most remote places, nothing compares to our ships.

Now, with the natural world under threat like never before, our ships are more important than ever. Our climate is on a knife-edge. Our oceans, forests and biodiversity are at breaking point. But our ships help us raise the alarm and take peaceful direct action across the globe. They make our pioneering research possible. They keep our planet safe. So we’re launching a brand new way to support Greenpeace and help our ships achieve even more.

Many dolphins play in the bow wave of the Rainbow Warrior as it cruises through the ocean.
A greenpeace crew member leans on an instrument panel and smiles into the camera

With you on our crew, we’ll go wherever we’re needed

Give £45 a month and you’ll support peaceful direct actions, cutting-edge scientific research and groundbreaking investigations – and enjoy all this in return:

  • Invitations to join us onboard when Greenpeace ships dock in the UK
  • Exclusive updates and briefing reports from our ship tours and actions
  • Online seminars with our captains and crew.

Are you ready to go to the ends of the earth to keep our planet safe? Start your monthly gift today.

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To find out more or to arrange a call with our team, please get in touch with Andrew Sturley on 020 7865 8116 (Mon – Thurs) or email andrew.sturley@greenpeace.org.uk.