We’ve paused virtual gift sales while we update our offering. Meanwhile, check out some other ways to support Greenpeace.

How it works

1. Choose your gift

Pick something they'll love from our selection of virtual gifts.

2. Make a payment

Pay securely via Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

3. Get your certificate

We'll email you a certificate to print out or share electronically.

4. Send it on

Don't forget to send the certificate to your loved one electronically or by post.

Important information

What does my donation pay for?

Your gift will help support campaigns like our Protect the Oceans campaign, which is calling for a global network of ocean sanctuaries – to place huge areas of ocean off limits to destructive activities like industrial fishing, oil drilling and deep-sea mining.

However, the donations from these gifts will contribute to our unrestricted funds. This means they’re not tied to any one Greenpeace project or campaign. This flexibility is really important – it means we can fund campaigns with the most urgent need.

Will my gift be sent to my friend / family member automatically?

No, you will need to send the gift to your loved one yourself, either electronically or by post.

How do I give my gift to my friend / family member?

It’s very straightforward for you to share your gift. In your thank you email, you will have received a printable certificate (PDF), and a digital certificate. You could print the PDF certificate and pop this in a Christmas card, or forward the digital certificate via Whatsapp, text, email or social media. If printing your certificate, we encourage you to use recycled paper where possible.

Will I receive a welcome pack or gift in the post?

We’re keen to help people reduce their environmental footprint, by keeping this gift as virtual as possible – so you will not receive anything through the post. However, you will receive an instant thank you email, containing a beautiful printable certificate, a digital certificate and a phone wallpaper, which you can send on to your loved one.