Hopefully the Monster animation has inspired you to get involved with Greenpeace’s campaign to save forests. If you haven’t seen it yet – you can watch Monster here.

There’s lots to see and do below, to learn more about how together, we can persuade supermarkets and fast food companies to stop buying industrial meat from suppliers that are linked to deforestation. 

Watch and share

There are lots more Greenpeace videos about forests to watch and share – here’s one explaining why Tesco is destroying forests for industrial meat.

And here’s the full playlist of the best Greenpeace forest videos.

Take action

Tesco are the UK’s biggest supermarket, they sell the most industrial meat which is destroying forests and so we’re asking them to take the first step. We need them to stop buying industrial meat from suppliers that are linked to deforestation. Will you join 175,000 people calling on Tesco to act for our future?

Ask Tesco to save forests

Why do we need healthy forests?


By saving forests we can tackle the climate emergency and secure a habitable planet for future generations, we can avoid triggering new pandemics and untold suffering, we can maintain nature and biodiversity, and we can secure the homes of Indigenous People who are the  guardians of the forests. We are all connected, and we all benefit from healthy forests.

Need a moment of relaxation?

Look no further – this is the ultimate chill out watch. Sit back, and enjoy five mins of rainforest tranquility.

Explore and learn

7 reasons why industrial meat is bad for the planet

From climate change to forest fires to human rights abuses, the global industrial meat industry leaves a trail of destruction all over the world.

How deforestation could trigger the next pandemic

At a new biobank in the Amazon, scientists are working to identify the risks of a new infectious diseases. It's part of a growing field of science looking at the interactions between human health and environmental change.

In pictures: celebrating forest life

As well as protecting the planet from climate change, our forests are home to a huge range of amazing nature and animal biodiversity. Here are some pictures of life in forests all over the world.

How much meat should I be eating?

Industrial meat is the world’s leading cause of deforestation. We need to end the system that’s churning out meat at an unsustainable rate – and in turn eat a lot less meat. Lots of people have already started. But if reduction is the key, how much meat is it ok to eat?

Forests are priceless, but protecting them costs money

Our campaign to save forests is powered by people like you. We don’t take money from companies or governments, so we remain independent to hold those in power to account. You can help save forests by giving a gift today.

Give a gift to save our forests

Join a local group

A local volunteer chatting to a member of the public at their local group street stall

There are Greenpeace groups all over the country who gather together to take action.

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