Volunteering at festivals

Love summer festivals? Passionate about protecting our planet? Volunteering to work at Latitude, Womad, Camp Bestival and other events is one way of helping to protect our natural world.


We are looking for amazing volunteers to help us at WOMAD, Latitude, Camp Bestival and Worthy Pastures this summer.

This summer the Greenpeace Events team are excited to be getting back out on the road, meeting up with like minded people, having a great time and helping to celebrate our victories over the decades while also raising awareness of the critical challenges to come.

Three steps to apply

  1. Read the basic info
  2. Choose an event
  3. Do your application form

Sorry, applications are now closed for this year. You can find other ways to get involved with Greenpeace on our volunteering page.

Basic info


You need to be over 18 years of age.

You must be onsite a day before the event’s opening date and available for the duration of the dates specified. You will be required to work a shift of approximately six hours per day.

Before applying, please ensure you are definitely available for the date you choose.

We will require a reference from either your network coordinator (if you are part of a Greenpeace network) or from an employer/tutor. Please check with your referee in advance so they are aware that we will contact them.

What we are looking for

A degree of flexibility when allocated your roles. We are a small team at these festivals and expect everyone to work together to put on a good show. The family friendly ones are very rewarding.

Commitment to Greenpeace’s vision and values. You will be representing Greenpeace and it is important that you’re enthusiastic and a good communicator.

You will also need to be self-motivated, happy to work in all weathers and be confident when chatting to people about our campaigns, don’t worry, we will fully brief you. Let’s hope it’s sunny…

What you get being part of the Events Greenpeace crew:

  • Private crew camping
  • Hot showers
  • Vegetarian or vegan meals
  • Subsidised travel (maximum of £30)
  • Great community

Which event should I apply for?

This depends on your availability and possibly your location if you don’t want to travel too far. Each event has its own programme of entertainment which may influence your choice.

Here’s more information on each festival, it’s just a taster for now and you’ll receive full details if selected.

Event 1: Latitude Festival A Greenpeace volunteer stands in front of an obstacle course made of nets attached to trees

Dates: 22nd July – 26th July (you’ll need to be there the day before)

What’s Latitude like?

Set in the wooded Henham Park Estate in Suffolk, Latitude delivers a diverse offering of music, theatre, dance, film, cabaret and literature. From Wolf Alice to The Chemical Brothers, Akala to Shazia Mirza, big stages to hidden nooks in the woods.

The plan

Our site is near the kid’s area and is for the “Inbetweeners”. It’s aimed at those kids who are either too old for the kid’s area or are too young to do all the grown-up stuff. At Camp Greenpeace, we build an amazing circuit of nets and walkways strung high in the trees together with a zip line and rope swing. For the tiny ones that still want to get involved they have their own nets safely away from the more challenging ones.

We also have a really busy café next to the nets. It’s a very popular activity.

Volunteer roles

We‘re looking for patient, eagled eyed volunteers to help us look after the kids on the nets and the zip line. Essentially you’ll be site stewards, making sure the kids are playing safely and timing them on and off the nets. We will of course fully brief you if you are successful with your application.

Event 2: WOMAD

Volunteers in tshirts saying 'Jungle is not massive' operate a refreshments stall with a blackboard menu in the background

Date: 22nd July – 26th July (you’ll need to be there the day before)

  • Address: Charlton Park, Malmesbury
  • Website: https://womad.co.uk
  • Greenpeace Theme: 50 Years of Greenpeace

What’s WOMAD like?

WOMAD is an international arts festival. The central aim of WOMAD is to celebrate the world’s diverse forms of music, arts and dance with artists this year covering everything from Afrobeat to Ska, Taiko drummers and celtic folk. This is personally my favourite festival due to the people, the size of the festival, the lovely site and the happy vibe. There’s always something new round every corner. The world music is great, the audience are green and likeminded.

The plan

We’re having a Greenpeace café there again, similar to last year only better and we will be discussing Greenpeace and talking about where food comes from.

Volunteer roles

Like the cafe at the other festivals we’d like you to help us serve cakes and pastries… but don’t worry we have professional baristas making the coffees, we just need your help to serve and make friends with the festival-goers

Event 3: Camp Bestival


Date: 29th July – 1st August (you’ll need to arrive on the day before)

What is Camp Bestival festival like?

Camp Bestival, the family-centric sibling to Bestival, is a relaxed, intimate, family friendly and inclusive weekend festival. Entertainment includes theatre & comedy plus talks and a variety of other activities. Headliners this year include Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, Kelis and Friendly Fires..

The plan

With so much going on Greenpeace will join in the action with our skate ramp and a funky café, keeping the kids busy while introducing their parents to Greenpeace in the café’s chilled campaigning space. Like all of the other festivals, you will be with a small team, so you will hopefully meet like-minded people. We will have a nice space in the crew campsite and you will be provided with lovely veggie/vegan food.

Volunteer roles

We’ll rotate people so we all have the opportunity to help out in the café or look after the kids (and adults) while they burn off some energy.

Event 4: Worthy Pastures (Glastonbury Festival Site, Family Camping)

People relax on lush grass as the sun sets behind a row of trees. A campfires smoulders in the foreground.

Date: 23rd July – 30th August. Split into 6 weeks:

  • Week 1: 23rd July to 27th July
  • Week 2: 28th July to 1st August
  • Week 3: 4th August to 8th August
  • Week 4: 11th August to 15th August
  • Week 5: 18th August to 22nd August
  • Week 6: 25th August to 30th August.

You would need to arrive the day before your first shift starts and depending on your shift timing and your transport choices may not be able to leave until the Monday after. Volunteers willing to work 2 or more weeks in a row would be able to stay on site while resting between weeks.

  • Address: Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset
  • Website:  https://worthypastures.com
  • Greenpeace Theme: 50 Years and Greenpeace and Working Together (Joint Charities)

What is Worthy Pastures like?

This will be a unique opportunity to hang out on Worthy Farm. Worthy Pastures aims to be a green, relaxed family camping experience. For kids there will be the pink Kidz castle and the Cadmus ship, the BEAM structure, and the dragon and lots of workshops. For adults, there’s the opportunity to explore the fields, kick back in the stone circle, and see the festival site when there is no festival to get in the way. There will be food outlets and a bar on site, accompanied by a programme of family entertainment.

The plan

Working with the joint charities we’ll be manning the meeting point, we will have a t-shirt stall and will be booking people in for workshops.

Volunteer roles

Between 10am and 9pm, split into two shifts, meeting people, greeting them, booking them in for workshops and possibly helping sell t-shirts.

Ready to apply?

Sorry, applications are now closed for this year. You can find other ways to get involved with Greenpeace on our volunteering page.


Please note, you will NOT receive unsolicited emails or phone calls regarding funding for Greenpeace unless your details have been obtained through another route. We do not pass on your contact details to other areas of Greenpeace or the fundraising division and we keep your details safe on a database that is used by us only.