BBC’s Hannah Stitfall to host new Greenpeace podcast on the wonders of the oceans 


Oceans: Life Under Water is a brand new podcast hosted by wildlife filmmaker, broadcaster and zoologist Hannah Stitfall (BBC Springwatch and Winterwatch, The One Show and BBC Earth) that will take listeners on a voyage to the world beneath the waves. 

The podcast is produced by Crowd Network in collaboration with Greenpeace UK and each episode will explore a different aspect of ocean life, from The Galapagos to The Antarctic. Guests will range from scientists to submarine pilots, freedivers to explorers, all telling incredible stories of ocean exploration and the animals that call the oceans home.

From meeting humpback whales and their calves, to diving down into the darkness with just a single breath or having an octopus wrap its tentacles around you, Oceans: Life Under Water will help listeners immerse themselves in the wonders of our blue planet’s beautiful oceans, which support all life on Earth. 

Episode one features renowned British marine biologist, Dr Helen Scales, speaking about the future of the oceans and explorer and freediving record holder, Daan Verhoeven, who takes listeners with him as he describes what it’s like to dive into the deep.

Hannah Stitfall said: “The stories you’ll hear in this podcast are utterly awe-inspiring. Crowd, Greenpeace and myself have made a great team. There’s such a brilliant combination of knowledge and experience going into this project, and I couldn’t think of a better group to bring it all together. The nature-lovers of the world are going to love this, and I’m thrilled to be hosting it.”

Elena Polisano, interim head of oceans at Greenpeace UK said: “Our oceans are mysterious, alien and beautiful. Without them, we wouldn’t exist, but centuries of destructive human activities like industrial fishing have pushed marine life to the edge of extinction. Habitats have been destroyed and oceans are on the brink of collapse. New threats like deep sea mining also loom on the horizon.  

“Alongside other governments, the UK government has committed to protecting 30% of the oceans by 2030. Agreeing a UN Ocean Treaty last year was a big step towards this but, to stay on track, our government urgently needs to get the Treaty locked down into law and move swiftly on to creating a network of ocean sanctuaries to enable marine life to bounce back. We hope our new podcast will inspire many more people to join us in pushing the UK government so the 2030 target becomes a reality and isn’t just words on paper.”

Oceans: Life Under Water will run for 12 episodes, with a new one airing each Monday.

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